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when it’s hot or even when it’s not

December 29, 2012

DSC_1601 DSC_1610 DSC_1613

Brunswick East Project

438 Lygon Street. BRUNSWICK EAST

When it’s hot I love to drink Iced Coffees. I don’t usually like to have cream because of the calories. But ice-cream always makes it taste more delicious. My friend Lorraine recommended the iced coffee at The Brunswick East Project. She told me that they basically serve it in a bowl and the ice-cream is amazing in it. I went immediately the next day. My friend Emma (who’s hand and iced chocolate is pictured above) came with me on another day after she saw the photo of my iced coffee that i posted on instagram. The words on the door made me laugh. “No Hawkers ( or bloggers ) ” haha. awkward…. I only noticed that after I was selecting the photos to upload for this post.

(all photos are taken by me on my Nikon D7000)

Brunswick East Project on Urbanspoon

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  1. April 18, 2013 18:42

    Lol. I think you’re right. They were really lovely and I think they do appreciate the blog post. :)

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