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doughnuts and nail art

2014.10.03_walkers donuts packaging 2014.10.05_nail art

As well as looking out for cool cafes and burger places in Melbourne, I am also looking for yummy doughnuts. I’ll try and make a list one of these days of all the places I’ve found and post it up here.

I went to Walker’s Doughnuts the other day, I don’t mind them, and they are convenient as they are opposite Flinders station on the corner of Flinders Street and Elizabeth street.

These last few days I have been homebound with a cold which is not very exciting. So to keep busy I gave myself  a CommePlay manicure, and my sister a kitty cat manicure. And because it is so fun I have decided to be a nail artist. No not really, but wouldn’t that be such a great job? I was going to apply to TrophyWifeNail Art but then realised I am too busy trying to be a fashion designer and so have no time to also pursue a career as a nail artist. insert sad face here. So in the mean time I will just decorate the nails of anyone that will let me.




p.s. illustrations done by me



Walker’s Doughnuts

Comme Play

Trophy Wife Nail Art

top paddock



Today I had the day off and had the best time.

I caught up with my sweet friend Kate (who you can see in the first picture). We went to Top Paddock for breakfast. Kate had the hotcakes, which are my favourite. And I had the porridge ( in the second picture). I didn’t have hotcakes today because I am trying to eat healthier. Kate and I went into Space furniture store ( I go in there every time I go to Top Paddock) and probably spent an hour sitting in some new, fancy, expensive arm chairs and had very inspiring conversations.

I wish I can be rich enough to be able to shop in that store one day.

After that we went for a bit of a walk, the sun was out today which made it extra lovely.






Top Paddock

Space Furniture

good cafe guide 2014

good cadfe guide 2014



Want to know what my favourite day of the year is?


It is the day this book comes out. The Age Good Cafe Guide.  This is the third year that I have bought it, and I can say without a doubt that it has improved my life. Seriously.


Basically what I do is, I pick one highlighter colour, and I turn to the back (there is an alphabetical listing of all the cafes reviewed in the book) and I highlight all the cafes that I have been to. Then because I’m slightly kooky, I count how many cafes there are  (this new one has 311) and then I count how many I have been to ( I have been to 80 in this book) and then I start my mission. And then I get a new highlighter colour and highlight all the new ones I go to.


My mission is to drink all the coffee in Melbourne. No, not really. But actually each year I try and go to all the cafes listed in the guide. It’s actually really fun, and it’s cool because Matt Holden and his team do a great job and pick really good cafes.


So this new guide came out this week and I bought it at Dymocks for $9.95. If you can wait ( I couldn’t), you can buy it with The Age on Sunday for $5.00.





My cafe mission blog 

The Age Good Cafe Guide Awards 2014

Andrews Hamburgers


4092 4094 4098 4104

144 Bridport St, West Albert Park

I went to Andrews Hamburgers last week with my sister. Looking at the photos is making me so hungry for a burger right now. I didn’t have free time this week to go out and try a new place. I think that means I need to have at least two burgers next week.

Andrews Hamburgers gets the thumbs up from me and my sister, who actually took her fiance there a couple days later because she loved it so much.

I can’t remember what mine was called, I think it was just called plain. It was just the basic one $7.50 and I added cheese for $1.00. I really enjoyed it, it wasn’t a juicy, saucy burger and the burger to bun ration was spot on. It was different to the other burgers I have had so far because it had cabbage and lettuce.

As I was eating, I overheard some German tourists saying it was the best burger they have ever had. So yeah, I don’t know if I can say that, but I would totally go back.

You might find it a little intimidating when you walk in because I did, there is some serious burger making going on in there, noone really said hi when I walked in and it was a little bit tricky to see the menu. I think I felt this way because in my mind I was expecting the same thing as MR Burger and Huxtaburber, where everything is clear and shiny and fancy. So if you do feel intimidated like me, just relax, don’t let that stop you, once the staff take your order you’ll realise they’re actually nice, just really busy.


Andrew's Hamburgers on Urbanspoon


Andrews Hamburgers Website

Andrews Hamburgers FaceBook

Mr Burger



364 Chapel St, Sth Yarra

Second Burger stop was Mr Burger. Mr Burger used to be a food truck that went to random locations. They became so popular that they started opening actual stores.  I’d been here previously to the Melbourne CBD Store and I wasn’t hungry so only Alex had one. He had the Mr Burger ( Beef, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Pickle, Mustard, Mayonnaise & Tomato Sauce) $10. I remember that I really liked it when I had it ( I think I must like sloppy-saucy-style burgers), Alex thought it was only a little better than something you’d expect from say McDonalds.

I noticed this Sth Yarra Store had more seating than the one in the CBD which basically has no seating. I think the idea is takeaway style and not sit down, hang out style.


Mr Burger on Urbanspoon