The best idea I ever had was to make a burger list.

It is so much fun. They are the best thing that you  could order. Almost every place you go offers at least one menu item as a burger. And I don’t think you could ever go wrong with ordering a burger, even a bad burger is still ok.

They are so incredibly delicious. Before making this list I knew people loved burgers but I had no idea they loved burgers this much. I have had all my friends contacting me and asking when we are going out to try a place on my list. Fun. And you would be impressed by the quantity and quality of burger conversations I have had and also other additions to my list.

I was trying to figure out how you would judge how good a burger is. I noticed the people at Burger Adventure use; ‘If you’re in the area’, ‘Don’t expect much’, ‘Don’t bother’, ‘Definitely’, ‘Go Now!’. And that’s quite a clever scale, I think over time I will try and develop my own.

I asked my friend Alex he is my official burger quest partner, and he said that a burger is either good or bad. You like it or you don’t. I also realised people have different tastes and expectations, some like sweet buns some don’t, some like saucy burgers some don’t. My other friend Matt thinks it’s all about the bun to meat ratio, and I think he is spot on. Anyway, the only way to find out how good they are is to go and eat them. Eat them all. Eat burgers every day. Forever.


The photo’s below are from Huxtaburger, 203 High Street Prahran.

I went with Alex, it was my second time I’d had Huxtaburger Burger I’d already been to the CBD store and this time I had the Huxtaburger ( beef pattie, mustard, mayo, tomato sauce, tomato, cheese, lettuce, pickles) $9.00.

Alex and I both enjoyed it. This was one of the sweet buns I mentioned, it is actually a sweet glazed brioche bun which is toasted before they put the burger together, which makes it crunchy and tasty.


40734061 4063 4070



- Huxtaburger

- Burger List

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480 Bridge Road Richmond VIC

T  O  U  C  H  W  O  O  D

I had a break this week from uni so I had time some spare time to spend with my friends and go out and check out some new cafes. I hung out with my friend Baz on Monday and he suggested Touchwood, he had been there over the weekend and said he wouldn’t mind going back.

It was great because there was not queue, I think you can wait up to 20 minutes for a table on the weekend not that that would have been a problem for me anyway because I always carry around my book with me and waiting time equals reading time, so I am always happy.

There is so much space in Touchwood, and it’s filled with light which creates a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Baz and I sat up near the counter on the long communal table which was nice, I like sitting in places that give me a good view of everything around me.

Baz ordered the Morning Grain Salad – Quinoa, freekeh, wild rice, rocket, toasted almonds, chai soaked raisins, cumin yoghurt, poached egg $16, and I ordered the Banana and blueberry wholemeal waffles, organic maple syrup, banana ricotta and strawberry dust $16.

Both great choices and very satisfying. I enjoyed the waffles especially because they were wholemeal, so they were lighter and healthier so no bloating than usual waffles and all the ingredients worked really well together. I had two coffees and enjoyed both.

We also had some interesting conversation about social media; what we think about it, what platforms we like to use, how we use it, how much we should/share, how it makes us feel, the importance of it, etc. We both felt the same way in that we actually do love to use it, that it is fun sharing what we’re up to with our friends and ‘followers’, that it is great being able to connect with so many more people, and that it actually does add value in our lives. I would love to continue a conversation on social media with anyone and would love to know your views.




Touchwood on Urbanspoon



- Touchwood Website

- Touchwood Facebook


- Photography by me

List: Best Burgers in Melbourne

burger list part 1 burger list part 2



So I finally took the time to compile the best list of all time. The Best Burgers in Melbourne List.

The list is a compilation of Place’s nominated by a Herald Sun article, The Burger Adventure Website, TimeOut and Broadsheet. I’ll add the links at the bottom for you. A few of the places appeared a few times such as; The Merrywell, Belle’s Diner, Fat Bob’s, Nshry and some others so I’m assuming those are the best of the best.

I’m going to try and tick them all off. I don’t know how long that will take because there are so many but I plan to document my progress through the list here on The Juliet Report. If you find any that aren’t on the list please share, and if you go to or have been to any on the list please share that too.

I also made THIS, it’s a Google Map where I’ve marked almost all the places on the list, this will make it easier to navigate myself through all these burgers. Haha.

Wish me luck!





- Herald Sun – Melbourne’s top 10 Best Burgers

- The Burger Adventure – Melbourne’s Top 10 – 2013

- TimeOut – Melbourne’s Best Burgers

- Broadsheet – Burgers in Melbourne

- My Burger Treasure Map

Massive Wieners

Massive Wieners

226 Chapel Street Prahran


If you’re a vegan/vegetarian don’t read this paragraph *but read the rest because there is a vegetarian option*… I love minced meat, I don’t know why. I love anything that is made with it, like burgers i freakin’ love burgers, sausage rolls, bolognese sauce, meatballs, meatloaf and sausages. YUM. I really love sausage sizzles.

So when I was talking to my friend Alex and he mentioned his current obsession with hot dogs I got excited. Then he mentioned that he had seen a hotdog and milkshake place on Chapel Street I was totally interested. We (Alex and me) were like trying to beat each other and be the first to try it, until we decided it’d be only fair to try it together.

We went on Saturday and it was fun. As you have probably realised the place is called “Massive Wieners”. They call themselves a “Hot Dog Stand”. It’s very American and reminded me of an American 1960′s? diner. Alex wasn’t very impressed by the interior (It’s quite simple) but I thought it added to the experience. Alex did say the actual sausage was better than the ones he uses at home. So I couldn’t have the normal wiener because it was mixed with Pork and Beef I don’t eat pork so I had the vege option and it was good. I love that all the options come with “The Basics”; Mustard, Ketchup, Onion and Cheese. I also had a Vanilla and Malt Milkshake. YUM!!

If you want to be cool and stuff you can try the challenge and get your photo taken and put on the Wall of Fame. You basically have to try beat the best time which is about 2 minutes to eat a 25 inch hot dog. DO IT!!

The staff were really nice, I had a nice conversation with the girl that worked there.

If you know of any other places that sell hot dogs in Melbourne, please share!




- Massive Wieners Website

- Massive Wieners FaceBook



- Photography by me.
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Doughboys Doughnuts


So can you imagine the best doughnut you have ever tasted? Times that by a billion and then another billion. Okay? How amazing does that imaginary doughnut taste?

Well that’s what a Doughboys Doughnut tastes like. Complete doughnut perfection.

The doughnut pictured above is one I sampled for free as part of a competition Gecko’s Adventures ran with Doughboys Donuts, which I think required people to send in entries of what flavour combinations they thought would be amazing.

The winner was: ‘The Turkish Doughlight’ ; Pommegranate-infused vanilla icing and small chunks of turkish delight.

I think some of what makes these doughnuts taste so good is that they are so big (so, so much yummy doughnut) and they are made to order, so they are still warm when you eat it.

You can add them on Instagram @doughboysdoughnuts where they update where they are selling, (usually at the Mercat Cross Hotel 456 Queen street CBD) what times they are open, what flavours they are selling and when hey are sold out (They usually close early because they always sell out).



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the week that has been


I had the best week. I hope yours was also super. I decided to share it all in one post because I can never keep up with everything. How crazy.

The best part of the week was that Zoe Foster and I have become BFFL. (it’s not really true, but I wish it was). I posted about her and emailed her and did a watercolour illustration for her of her new book “The Wrong Girl” (which I actually also read this week and thought was a very good, relevant, fun, friendly and a very present day book) (Also at this point you’re probably thinking I am a crazy stalker girl and poor Zoe, but I’m not. I just like her. And think she’s nice. And that’s all.) and guess what she posted my illustration on her Instagram and made my whole life. Haha. It was actually so nice of her to do.


This screenshot is to prove that what I said is actually all for real. And so you can see my illustration.

At uni, I learnt how to make lace using illustrator.


At uni, we also were lucky enough to have a lecture by Simone Cipriani and Karen Walker.


I went to Gelato Messina with my friend Kate. This time I had the Salted Caramel with White Chocolate. Yum. It seems a visit to Messina is a weekly ritual now. Awesome.

On Thursday night I fell asleep at 5:30pm and didn’t wake up until 9:30am on Friday.

Friday I went to Zumbo and had the Dr Dot cake with my friend Maxine. We shared it. It was perfect. That was all before we went to the RiverIsland x The Iconic Fashion Show at Prahran Town Hall. Which was actually so fun. The funnest fashion show. It starred Ajak Deng. There was a massive, perfectly round pink balloon. Live singing by Kiyomi Vella. And a sparkling confetti shower at the end.

IMG_1989 IMG_2012

I got super excited when I realised APC had opened at QV and decided to not ever eat again so that I could have “APC Money”, aka money to shop at APC.


And then last night I went to the National Graduates Showcase as part of VAMFF (virginaustraliamelbournefashionfestival) and was in awe, was inspired by the talent. Being in my second year of fashion design and watching those incredible pieces being walked down the runway was a very valuable experience as it’s pretty much the benchmark and I was basically thinking that is how good I need to be.

IMG_2098 IMG_2152 IMG_2192 IMG_2230

Super cool right, i know.

I have been paying more attention to my beauty routine and have been noticing positive changes. With both my hair and face. Thanks to Zoe’s tips. I have used the L’oreal mousse which I sketched a few posts ago, and the dry shampoo and now i always have nice clean pretty hair. And somehow it’s actually healthier and shinier and softer than usual/ever. Maybe because I haven’t had to dry the crap out of it and also not having to constantly straighten it, maybe.

And my face, it’s also softer, my pores are not as visible and my makeup goes on better and my skin isn’t as dry or flaky as usual. So do yourself a favour and go on Zoe’s blog and read it, all of it because basically she has done all the hard work of finding and trying things out for you. It’s easy and also the products she recommends aren’t as expensive as the products that I thought I would need to use to have nice skin. I hope that makes sense.

I bought rosehip oil today to try and use as a serum and anti-eye-wrinkle. I bought it from David Jones, and the lovely Suzy was working there (I used to work with Suzy, she is supercool)  and told me it is amazing and incredible and she also recommends it too.

Thanks for hanging in there. Enjoy your Sunday.



Zoe Foster – Fruity Beauty Blog

Simone Cipriani

Karen Walker


The Iconic x River Island


VAMFF National Graduates Showcase

gelato messina


Gelato Messina

237 Smith Street Fitzroy,  VIC

Finally went to Gelato Messina in Fitzroy.

And it’s actually the best gelato ever. I’m not kidding. It was actually voted the best gelato in Australia by the Good Food Guide.

Each lick was so satisfying, so flavoursome, and so creamy. I was naughty and got two scoops because I couldn’t decide which one to have. It was the best decision. I chose Hazelnut ( Made with fresh roasted hazelnuts from Cortemillia in Italy) and Pannacotta with Fig Jam & Amaretti Biscuit. It cost $6 for two scoops in a cone. Pretty fair I’d say.

Something else that makes it extra super is that they make the gelato with raw ingredients and make it all themselves and don’t use any preservatives, flavourings, colourings or pastes. All natural and yummy. I plan to try all the flavours!

Ps. You can see a pic of my gelato on my instagram feed. And the two illustrations above are my own :)



- Gelato Messina

- Good Food Guide Review

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twenty & six


About a week ago I visited Cafe Twenty & Six, my friend Baz recommended it to me and told me the food is delicious.

I was super tempted to have the Aphrodite ( Brioche french toast, poached peach, creme patissiere, roasted almond ice cream) but I was good and opted for a healthier breakfast because I really need to start making better food choices and minimise some of this extra ‘winter weight’ that seems to have appeared out of nowhere.

I ordered ‘The Cleanse’ ; Green apple and strawberry bircher muesli w/rosewater, puffed grains, toffeed hazelnuts. Yum. So good and so fresh. Obviously I had a latte as well, these days I have converted to having regular lattes not skinny ones. And guess what, it is so much tastier and better for you. I might talk about my milk ideas some other time, if I remember to.

There is a cute courtyard out the back that you can sit in, but I sat inside because they were about to change over to there ‘Bluebonnet BBQ’ ( Not sure whether they are still doing that but it was on from 12-9 Friday and Saturday.

I had some men that were sitting next to me having coffees and I couldn’t help but overhear their conversation. One of them was telling the others to take notice of the milk crates on the wall (you can see them in my first picture), he was like, ‘at first they look like ordinary crates, but take a closer look, they are laser cut wood, great art work, something like that would cost quite a bit.’ He also told them to check out the table legs, I wasn’t able to get a photo but when you go, take a look, from memory they look like metal pipes.

I also loved that you don’t have to pay for parking. North Melbourne unlike Richmond has free parking for up to one hour. And there was plenty of it.

I think I have to go back for the pancakes.


What: Twenty & Six

Where: 594 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne

Call: 03 9329 0298

Hours: Mon/Wed/Thur/Fri – 7:30am-3:30pm & Sat/Sun: 8am – 3:30pm. Closed Tuesdays


Twenty & Six


Twenty & Six Espresso on Urbanspoon

the mailing room


I had the day off on Saturday to do uni work and decided to head out the The Mailing Room. It is in the Cafe Guide and I hadn’t been there before. One more cafe I can now tick off my list.

I started off with a skinny latte, then I had some home made organic crumpets and then I tried an aeropress filtered coffee. The blend I tried was ‘Ethiopia Hachira N2′ it was really good. The other menu options seemed great but I had already had french toast for breakfast so I wasn’t that hungry.

I sat on the communal table and started off some of my essay writing. The staff were very attentive, friendly and helpful.

The Mailing Room

206 Canterbury Road, Canterbury

03 9836 9889

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