Emporium Melbourne

The Emporium had its soft opening yesterday and most of the stores had their new store launch parties last night. I went in specifically for the Alannah Hill and the Superdry launch party. I also, obviously had a walk around and explored this new ‘reimagined’ space. It reminded me so much of Westfield in Sydney. And that’s a good thing because I love Westfield in Sydney. From what I can already see and what I have heard, Emporium contains not only a great selection of fashion stores, but also a great selection of places to eat, which is perfect because I do love good food just as much as I love shopping.

Only about half of the stores have been opened so far and the rest are expected to be opened in time for the official launch in August. I am really curious and super excited to see what the official launch will entail, especially since the creative director is Baz Luhrmann. I am really hoping for a Gatsby style party. What fun that would be.
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1. Celebrating the opening of the Alannah Hill store in style. Champagne, cupcakes and roses.

2. Gorgeous Alannah Hill employee and her amazing hairstyle. Now I want to go get a perm too.

3. I was admiring the painted roses on the wall the whole time I was in there, they definitely add to the stores ambience.

4. Roses, beautiful roses everywhere. I was lucky enough to get a perfect red rose in my gift bag.

5. The entrance, you can also see Fashion Hayley in the pic wearing that incredible Gorman raincoat that I wish I had bought.

4051 4053 4054 4056 40581. Just about to enter the fun Superdry launch party.

2. My beautiful friends Steph and Misha.

3. Cool light fixture in the middle of the store.

4. So many people and so many celebrities, I spotted the twins from My Kitchen Rules, Miss Australia, a guy from Big Brother, and I’m sure there were so many others.

5. Tunes by DJ Andy Murphy.


Fun! Fun! Fun!



Declaration of Human Rights

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 8.02.06 PM


I forget that at Uni I actually learn a whole lot of different things. I do a whole lot of research on a wide range of issues. And do a whole lot of assignments. I will try and share more of that on The Juliet Report. Y’all may find it interesting .


I created the poster above in my second semester of my first year. The particular task required me to create a poster to promote the first articles (1-6) of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights with found images referencing the fashion industry. My teacher was pretty impressed with the result and has printed, laminated and put it up at uni. It was kind of funny, because coincidentally she put it up just after our visit by Simone Cipriani (I briefly mentioned Cipriani in my previous post) from the UN’s Ethical Fashion Initiative,  and everyone that sees the poster thinks that he left it behind for us.

I hadn’t heard about the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights until I did this task, have you heard about it before? I’ll include some links for you at the bottom so you can go snooping around and find out more.

I’ll just quickly explain the images and how they relate to the relevant rights.

1.  Image; supply and demand image; rights and equality, free market economy; everyone has the right to express themselves.

2. Image; Models. No exclusivity, but more inclusivity.

3. Image; Sass and Bide in Africa for the Ethical Fashion Initiative. Ethical Fashion and Sustainability; making a better world, ethics in the workplace, using sustainable resources, UN Ethical Fashion Initiative, giving women in Africa the opportunity to work.

4. Image; Child slave in Uzbekistan in cotton fields.

5. Image; workers in India. Known to keep workers locked in unsafe factories until all work is complete, low pay…

6. Image; designer knockoffs. Copyright/Trademark, IP Law, Protecting Designs.


I don’t have time to make full explanations but I hope that you get the gist from the points listed above.



















New stationery gets me so excited. At the moment I am obsessed with Copic’s. Normally my automatic choice for rendering an illustration is watercolour but for some reason lately I have started using Copic’s and I really love them. You may have noticed the last few I posted up on the blog are actually rendered with them.

Above I have drawn the Copic’s I bought today. I want to start a sketchbook of all the things I purchase. That’d be cool. And then next to the Copic’s I’ve drawn a look from Miu Miu Fall RTW 2014. I love Miu Miu.



collar me pretty

First day back at uni and we looked at Flat Collars. Like the Peter Pan collar.

A flat collar is flat, it has no stand and lies flat on the garment. We made a pattern for one and tested it onto the mannequin. Below is a photo of my first attempt. For homework I need to design another flat collar, which I will end up actually making in fabric.

flat collar



I also researched flat collars and other collars, and found some really cool ones and also a wordpress blog dedicated to collars and neck lines, it is actually pretty cool.

88599608 angelina shawl collar inspiration Female portrait in vintage style. tumblr_n12wjzayrI1tnbssgo1_500 tumblr_n13vslER3Z1rky3ygo1_500


Here’s the link to the blog: HERE

1. The world is in my head. My body is in the world.
2. The world is my idea. I am the world. The world is your idea. You are the world. My world and your world are not the same …

(A quote by some philosopher or psychologist, I tried to find out for you but my google and I aren’t really friends right now. It’s a cool quote right? Makes you think?)



My Merleau-Ponty book arrived in the mail today. It is a philosophy book I ordered online a while ago. My copy of Vogue arrived in the mail yesterday (my sister bought me a subscription for my birthday, so excellent). I bought the latest Harpers Bazaar today because I read it at the hairdresser yesterday and it had some really good bits on models and Karl Lagerfeld. Also a shoot Karl photographed and Carine styled. And also a bit about Dolce and Gabbana, the designers and their daily routines. It also had a snapshot and bio of all the current models and so that’s why I bought the magazine so I could have these articles to keep forever. Then I also bought a copy of he latest Time magazine, because I think it’s important to keep up to date with what’s going on in the world.

Also just so you know, I have this tendency to call these famous people that I admire by their first names. I don’t say Karl Lagerfeld, or Carine Roitfeld, or Anna Wintour, or Jay Z. I say, Karl, Carine, Anna, Jay. All my friends know who I’m talking about most of the time without me having to say their full names. It’s really funny when I’ll say to someone, “oh, yeh, I’ve also seen Anna wear the same necklaces over and over again. It’s worthwhile investing in good jewellery.” And then my friends are like “Anna? Who is Anna.” And then I’ll have to say “Anna Wintour, duh!”. Haha, and then my friends will be like, “Of course Anna Wintour.” Haha,  am I the only person who does this? Is it normal? What is normal anyway?

So, basically, I have all these things to read. And also my current book; some short stories by Alice Munro. I WANT TO READ THEM ALL AT THE SAME TIME, BUT I CAN’T. So for now I flipped through the magazines and looked at the pictures. Vogue is actually excellent because the inspiration is art and they have a feature on Kathryn Del Barton. I LOVE KATHRYN DEL BARTON.  She has actually helped to create the covers, and possibly some of the other features in the magazine. And I read the intro to the Merleau-Ponty book, but I had to stop because I want to read the Munro book. But I don’t have time to read TIME. lol.




more list making



I had some images of looks I wanted to share from Day 1 of NYFW however wordpress cannot upload them at this time, I managed to get this one above to load. It is just a list of the shows that were on today. The ones on the list below the line are not actually on the schedule, I’m not too sure why but my guess is these guys just show in private salons? Not sure… The highlights are the collections I looked at, I couldn’t find images of the other ones.

My favourite looks are from the following designers:

Brandon Sun, Marrissa Webb, Rodebjer, Tadashi Shoji and Tome.


Check out this bio of Anna Dello Russo, it is so funny.




pssst…fashion week begins today

Fashion week in New York begins on the 6th of February, which is today, I think it’s like 7am in New York at the moment. So we shouldn’t be blogging and online, we should be getting dressed into our pre-prepared fashion outfits for the day, quickly, the first show is at 9am!! (oh that would be a dream.)

Fashion week is the most exciting time in fashion. It is the time when you get to see what those talented designers have been up to and what beautiful things they have created for us.

Because I am so kind, teehee, I have listed all the show dates for each of the four cities and also linked you the schedule. I can’t make any promises, but I will try and report something for each day!

These links are your golden tickets from me!


New York Fashion Week: 06 February – 13 February




London Fashion Week: 14 February – 18 February



Milan Fashion Week: 19 February – 24 February



Paris Fashion Week: 25 February – 05 March



Here’s Anna Dello Russo, she’s insanely passionate about Fashion. She says here she changes her outfits 3 times a day. Ps. she’s Italian and works for Japanese Vogue!