Do The Things


Juliet Sulejmani | November ,13 2015

2015.11.13_blog_001_imageI started making a list of things that got in my way of doing things. This was the list:

  • Every time I open Microsoft Word, it opens the page as landscape. I never use landscape!
  • The apps I frequently use on my iPhone are in folders or on the third page on my phone. Annoying. Waste of time.
  • Every time I open illustrator this info box comes up. I have never read it, and I never intend to, I also never tick the box that says ‘don’t show this message again.’
  • Instead of making a note of the blogs standard image size so I remember, every time I need to know the size, I go and pretend I’m posting an image just to see the dimensions. How annoying.
  • On my work computer it would open up Bing, instead of Google. I hate Bing. So I search for Google on Bing.

I actually threw the list away after I corrected all these many annoying daily barriers. I can’t remember what they all were, but you get my drift. Move those apps to the front page, change that Don Draper background you’ve had for two years, tick the damn ‘don’t show this message again box.’

Do The Things!

It will literally take you no time at all and you will just be that tiny bit happier everyday because you won’t  be coming up to these roadblocks every time you try to do something.


Create Your Future. RMIT presents: Todd Sampson

Juliet Sulejmani | September 22, 2015

Last night I went to Todd Sampson’s presentation and it was quite interesting.

These are my notes.


Create Your Future:RMIT

Todd Sampson

Leo Burnett


too pretty


candels by alexa rose_v2




I received a lovely package of some candles a couple of weeks ago from the lovely ladies at Candles by Alexa Rose.

They are now displayed all around my room. Some on my bedside table as you can see in the image above,  a couple are also in my book shelves and there’s one on my dresser.

The candles all have different quotes and images on them and the ones I received are so me. They had all my favourite things on them; Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, one had ‘The Juliet Report’ on it, a coffee one and the ones in the photo. These candles are very personal and special and make a such a great gift. They are actually too special and too pretty for me to use.



credits: photo and illustrations by me.


Candles by Alexa Rose

comme inspired

2014.10.03_de clieu coffee 2014.10.03_ess laboratory owners

I think I forgot to mention that in January I got a job as an assistant designer with a menswear suiting company. yay me !. It has been super, it has been fun, I have been learning so much, and I especially love that it is based in Fitzroy. Fitzroy is such a cool place. There is so much going on, so many cool stores, cool cafes, restaurants, and the people, such a cool mixed bag of personalities.

The studio we work in is on the second level and we can look down onto Smith St, it’s so fun people watching. There are also regulars that you look out for and super fashion people that you always want to catch a glimpse of just to see what they’re wearing on that day.

My favourite place to go to for coffee and to hang out is De Clieu. The coffee is superb, the food is delish (especially the muesli) and the coolest people go there. When I was there the other day I saw this really cool Japanese couple walk in and order takeaway coffee. I wanted to stare at them, but I didn’t want them to see me staring. The woman had a Rei Kawakubo hair style, they both wore Comme Des Garcons looking clothing which probably is comme des garcons, the guy had the cooolest glasses. I was so inspired by them, that I texted my brother to tell him about them and as soon as I got to work I told the design team about them. Which was interesting because they knew exactly who I was talking about! How about that! They told me that the couple own their own store on Gertrude street called Ess Laboratory and that they have a cute child with the same haircut as the mum.

I totally stalked them online, and will go visit the store in the next week! Anyway, above are some sketches I did, the first is of my De Clieu takeaway coffee that I sketched without looking at the page. And below that is a sketch I did of the ESS Laboratory couple I saw in De Clieu.

In an attempt to draw more I have started carrying around my sketch book with me, and using it as a journal to sketch and document my world. It’s actually super fun! I will try to share as much of is as I can!

Enjoy your Sunday!



De Clieu

Comme Des Garcons

ESS Laboratory

The Kawabata’s

Rei Kawakubo