On my mornings off ( which not long ago used to be a whole day off) I always like to go to a cafe.

This Saturday I went to Sugardough: 163 Lygon Street, Brunswick.

I realised that the way to know if a bakery/cafe is totally amazing is right in that moment when you cannot just pick one pastry to go with your coffee.

I ended up just choosing a custard donut but will definitely go back to sample some more :) .



The coloured squares may all look the same to you but I can assure you they are not.

In my computer aided design class we were given 5 swatches of coloured fabrics and needed to create the same colour on illustrator with slight variation by adjusting the CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key (Black) ) percentages.

Then we had to print our colours and see whether the colour of the swatch matched the colour of the print out.

In the photo is my first attempt. I got close but not close enough.



Sorry. I forgot to post yesterday’s photo.

I have started having my healthy berry smoothies again. I decided its time to try lose those extra winter kilograms.

For my smoothie I add:
- 4 ice cubes
- 1/2 cup of frozen berries
- 1 banana
- 3 Tbspn natural yoghurt
- 1/2 cup milk
- 1 Tbspn chia seeds.

It’s yummy!



Oops. I almost forgot about my challenge.

Here is the only photo I took today. It’s of a random house in Armadale around the corner for Lisa Baron’s store.

I took the photo because I liked it. I thought I could use it as inspiration for my design brief which is based on architecture.



I had the sudden urge to buy the September Issue of Vogue US this morning that it didn’t bother me that it would cause me to be late to work.

902 pages of fashion. Amazing.

I bought it from Magnation ( one of my most favourite stores) and that’s where I took this photo.



I was meant to capture my dark street on my walk home after a ten hour day at work but I forgot to take the picture.

So instead here is a shot of what my kitchen looked like ten minutes ago before I finished getting dinner ready and putting groceries away.

I actually really love my kitchen.