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Alter Ego


Juliet Sulejmani | December, 01 2015

2015.12.01_kendall_vic secret


What is an alter ego?

An alter ego is a second self, which is believed to be distinct from a person’s normal or original personality. A person who has an alter ego is said to lead a double life. (Thanks Wikipedia)

I have always wanted to create an alter ego just because I think it would be so much fun.

I haven’t really thought about who exactly this alter ego is, but for now it’s a she and she will be wearing outfits that I don’t think I would ever wear.

Or in the case of this first drawing, she is a Victoria’s Secret Super Model, which is something I will never be.

I don’t know what I’d like to call her yet.


[Credits: Words and Illustration by me, Image via WGSN)




Juliet Sulejmani | November, 30 2015


On days when I can’t stop dreaming about New York, I go and I sit in Starbucks in City Square.

It always reminds me of New York and the first time I went there when I was seventeen.

On the second day that I was in New York, my cousin and I went to Times Square. It was a freezing cold day and she took me to Starbucks, and we both ordered a Venti Signature Hot Chocolate with cream.


Random List of Numbers


Juliet Sulejmani | November, 29 2015

For something different, here’s something different. This is a random list of numbers of things.

  • 826 Notes in my iPhone Notes App
  • 21 Tabs open in my browser right now
  • 4460 photos in my camera roll
  • 100 unread emails on the email tab on my iPhone
  • 39 apps to be updated on my iPhone
  • 22 books read out of the 100 I wanted to read this year
  • 723 people I follow on Twitter
  • 295 people follow me on Twitter
  • 120 calories left to consume today
  • 40 minutes until Casey Neistat is due to upload his vlog for the day



15 Minutes


Juliet Sulejmani | November, 28 2015




“The expression is credited to Andy Warhol, who included the words “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes” in the program for a 1968 exhibition of his work at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Sweden.” – Wikipedia


“In the future 15 minutes of privacy will be something only a very few, very special people get to experience.” – Will Self, in the ‘New Philosopher’



[Credit: Illustration by me.]

Marion Wine Bar


Juliet Sulejmani | November, 27 2015

Do any of these venues ring any bells?

  • Cutler and CO
  • Cumulus Inc
  • Supernormal
  • Luxembourg
  • Builders Arms Hotel
  • Moon Under Water
  • Meatsmith

What about the name Andrew McConnell?

If yes, then Marion Wine Bar is another that venue that needs to be added to that list and then you will also know what you can expect from it.

If not, then I have given you a great list to begin your Melbourne Exquisite Dining journey.

Pictured is everything I ate with my friend Suzanne last night, not pictured is the Fish that we also ordered.

I highly rate and recommend Marion Wine Bar. It’s totally worth it and so are you!


[Credit: Words and Photograhs by me.]