Tall Timber


Juliet Sulejmani | October, 21 2015

So…something that I realised. If you stop doing the things that you love, you will lose yourself and your inspiration.

One of my favourite things to do is go to new places and especially to new cafes. And since becoming a freelancer about two months ago, I haven’t been doing as much as I used to. Which explains why I haven’t been feeling like myself lately.

I had a Juliet Day today and went to the art store, I went to the gym, I went for a walk and I checked out a cafe I hadn’t been to yet, but had seen people IG repeatedly. That cafe is Tall Timber.

Tall Timber is at 60 Commercial Road in Prahran. I must say, I was super impressed when I got my coffee. In all the time I have been drinking coffee and visiting cafe after cafe, I have never been presented with a swan in my cup. Boy was I impressed. So clever.

I ordered the: Wild Cacao, Gogi + Organic Oat Granola, with seasonal fruit (strawberries, blueberries and fig,i don’t think figs are actually in season?), honey vanilla yoghurt. Loved it. I eat granola at almost every cafe that I go and this is in my faves list.

It was actually the perfect day to go in there because it was raining and I sat in the front window and read my book, it was so cozy. I’m still reading Open Secrets by Alice Monro. Oh and the atmosphere is great and the staff are really nice and cool. I’d totally go back and I’d really like to sit at the communal table next time.

Tip: Even if you don’t have to go to the bathroom at cafes always go to the bathroom. Cafe’s have the best bathrooms. Trust me. That’s where I took the selfie!


[ Credits: Words and Photography by me. ]


Juliet and Her Friends

2015.11.14_blog_008Juliet Sulejmani | October, 20 2015

Hello Blog_008!

I made it to a week of daily blogging. Amazing. I was kind of testing myself to see if I would actually keep doing it or if I would get bored and I’m finding it’s actually quite a fun thing to do. It kind of forces me to think about what I’m doing and what’s going on in my life, and that’s always a good thing.

An update on meditation.

I’ve meditated 2/2 days, it’s a start. I’ve really been enjoying Tara Brach’s guided meditations. I was used to doing 10 minute meditations, but I’ve realised I get much more benefit from doing the longer, 20 minute ones.

Lately I’ve been so busy with illustration work, which is great, but I haven’t really been spending time on learning and practicing my drawing. And I feel like I’ve kind of lost my inspiration. A friend of mine gave me some advice and told me to go within, reconnect with Juliet, and to meditate. So I’m on the right track, I just need to make more time for experimentation.

I realised I started a fun project a while ago, #julietandherfriends, my goal was to draw something for every single one of my followers on Instagram. I’ve done 22 so far, (I’ve included some of them are the illustrations at the top of this post), I have a lot more to go, so I might use this project to experiment with and try some fun things.

So if you’re reading this and you also follow me on instagram, tag me in a photo that you’d like me to draw and I’ll add it to my ‘next to draw’ list.


[ Credits: Words and Illustration by me. ]


The School of Life

2015.11.14_blog_007Juliet Sulejmani | October, 19 2015

2015.11.19_the school of life

Last night I went to my first class at The School of Life.

The School of Life was founded in London in 2008 by one of my favourite philosophers, Alain de Botton.The School of Life offers a range of classes, courses, workshops, retreats, sermons, intensives and therapies on  a wide range of topics, specifically focussing on emotional intelligence through culture.

I attended a class last night with my friend Tamie, called ‘What is Philosophy For’.

Here are 7 things I learnt.

  1. The meaning of the word Philosophy is ‘lovers of wisdom’.
  2. A definition of philosophy is: a pursuit of living wisely.
  3. Socrates (Classical Greek Philosopher 470-370BC) was the teacher of Plato (Classical Greek Philosopher and Mathematician 428-328BC) and is known for ‘The Socratic Method’: going around and asking people difficult questions to question their common sense. He was actually put to death for asking too many questions.
  4. Epicurus (Ancient Greek Philosopher 341-270BC) devoted himself to making people happy. According to Epicurus there were three keys to happiness;2015.11.19_happiness
  5. Epicurus also believed that the key to happiness is simplicity.
  6. Seneca (Roman Stoic Philosopher 4BC-65AD) thought it was necessary to have low expectations so that we won’t have the opportunity for disappointment.
  7. Friedrich Nietzsche (German Philosopher, Poet, Composer 1844-1900) believed that we should embrace our envy because envy makes you want to be your true self.



Good Question Juliet

2015.11.14_blog_006Juliet Sulejmani | October, 18 2015

2015.11.18_meditation_blog image

If you’re my friend and you’ve had an interaction with me in the last four months, you’ve definitely heard me say some form of this spiel. I’m going to quote myself now.

“All the podcasts I’ve listened to, especially the Tim Ferriss one, and all the books about successful and happy people, all say that a common habit they all share is meditation. They all meditate/d. We need to meditate!”

And then the most recent spiel was…

“So we’ve tried it (meditation) and we know it is good for us and obviously we know everyone is telling us it’s good for us. Oh, and by the way, how cool is it that now we have access to all this information. So cool. If we know all this, then why aren’t we doing it?”

Good question Juliet.

So from today, the 18th of November 2015, not only will I blog daily but I will also meditate daily. Join me, I challenge you. I might even keep a meditation diary and maybe share it, or maybe I wont.

I’ll include some helpful links to a podcast and some guided meditation’s to try. I’d like to know what you think about any of this, or if you have any suggestions. And please let me know if you will start to meditate daily, I’d love to know how you go.


[ Credits: Words and Illustration by me. ]


Confessions of a Fashion Student

2015.11.17_rachelle post

Rachelle Dobson | October, 17 2015

I confess that we stress, and not just a little bit… A LOT-

It’s what we do and it’s completely unavoidable, any fashion student who claims they did their entire degree stress free is lying… simple! While I appear calm and collected outside Uni, in my mind is a frantic scene of post it notes, to do lists and a clock that is ticking down the days until my impending doom (the end of semester hand ins). The stress never really lets up, even after that last day of being fed to the lions den to have your every mistake critiqued and analysed by professionals, there is no relief.

I confess that into every collection goes blood, sweat and tears… literally-

The final product does not even begin to communicate just how much we’ve slaved over it. Believe me, ‘a day before’ film of a fashion student’s collection would not be nearly as glamorous or exciting, in fact it would be something that can never be unseen. It would show said student at 3am crying as we sew on the last bead with blistered fingers, while listening to Adele and wondering how we will find the will to go on. If you look closely enough somewhere in that collection there will be a blood stain, because lets face it, when pulling all nighters and operating heavy machinery, injuries are bound to happen. It’s not a question of if I hurt myself, it’s a question of how badly!

I confess that my lounge room turns into a sweatshop at the end of every semester-

There’s no other way to describe it, there’s fabric and threads thrown everywhere, cords running in every direction and machines that sound like old school torture devices roaring to life at all hours of the day and night. There is zero consideration of OH&S and work-safe would surely deem it a fire hazard. Employees work long hours without breaks and wait for it…..they are unpaid! The only employee: Me! Sometimes with the caring supervision of my dog who lays calmly on a pile of fabric praying he doesn’t step on a pin and watches the panic unfold.

I confess that when we refer to something as a design feature, it’s a fancy way of saying, that was a mistake-

It’s a perfect cover up that if done correctly never fails. Its important to own it and make the most of it, confidence is key. So what if you were up all night sewing that jacket only to realise that the sleeve is sewn in backwards? Its innovative and I think it’s the way of the future and I planned it all along, whose going to argue with that…. Right? My point exactly. It’s a design feature!

I confess chocolate is my saviour-

Every fashion student has something they turn to in times of stress, for some its green smoothies, kale and oats but for me its chocolate or ice cream or even better…ice-cream covered in chocolate. As far as I’m concerned the further the semester progresses, the more acceptable it becomes to devour a magnum at 10am. Its not too early if you never slept. Those who develop a healthy addiction don’t understand how fortunate they are, for me it means a few late night trips to the gym to try and avoid gaining 20 kilos every semester. Luckily though, I’m not the only one to who is a slave to my cravings for chocolate and together we provide support for one another (in chocolate form of course!).  It is because of this bond we share that no one bats an eye when we find a chocolate stain on a cashmere jacket that was set to show in MSFW…. Instead with a certain confidence, we’d comfort her in unison “it’s a design feature!”

[ Credits: Words by Rachelle Dobson, Illustration by me. ]