collar me pretty

First day back at uni and we looked at Flat Collars. Like the Peter Pan collar.

A flat collar is flat, it has no stand and lies flat on the garment. We made a pattern for one and tested it onto the mannequin. Below is a photo of my first attempt. For homework I need to design another flat collar, which I will end up actually making in fabric.

flat collar



I also researched flat collars and other collars, and found some really cool ones and also a wordpress blog dedicated to collars and neck lines, it is actually pretty cool.

88599608 angelina shawl collar inspiration Female portrait in vintage style. tumblr_n12wjzayrI1tnbssgo1_500 tumblr_n13vslER3Z1rky3ygo1_500


Here’s the link to the blog: HERE

end of year party














one: celebratory glass of champagne

two: the rack holding our final collection dresses

three: lovely girls waiting for the awards presentation to begin

four: max and her friend looking through the great book she received for being awarded the class ambassador.

five: people looking through the gallery of folios

six: me and my uni friends and some of our teachers.


eek! one year down and two more to go until I graduate. Time sure flies when you’re having fun, or in the case, working super hard.

dress one


And here I’m cutting out my godet’s for my dress. It’s so scary cutting it out in the actual fabric.

IMG_3723This here is the back bodice of my dress. I spent most of yesterday changing my pattern to create the open back. I’m not sure how i’m going to attach a button at the top, I’ll have to figure something out…maybe a rouleau loop?

And to make my life easier lets call this:




pattern testing


Today I sewed together this dress toile. A toile is basically a mock up of your design, usually in calico or similar, cheaper fabric than the one your garment will be made with.

It’s done to check that everything is correct and helps you to tweak/perfect your design.

Mine was good, it wasn’t a disaster at all. I just need to fix up the length of some godet’s, for some reason they weren’t the same length as the rest of the dress and also sew them on using a different technique and also decide what my neck line will be like.

It’s so exciting watching your designs coming to life.






I made a shirt today on sewing class.

I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of the full thing because I managed to finish it just before the end of class (which was when it was due).

in the photo you can see I’ve just attached the collar stand and am finishing if off by edge stitching.