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2015.11.14_blog_008Juliet Sulejmani | November, 20 2015

Hello Blog_008!

I made it to a week of daily blogging. Amazing. I was kind of testing myself to see if I would actually keep doing it or if I would get bored and I’m finding it’s actually quite a fun thing to do. It kind of forces me to think about what I’m doing and what’s going on in my life, and that’s always a good thing.

An update on meditation.

I’ve meditated 2/2 days, it’s a start. I’ve really been enjoying Tara Brach’s guided meditations. I was used to doing 10 minute meditations, but I’ve realised I get much more benefit from doing the longer, 20 minute ones.

Lately I’ve been so busy with illustration work, which is great, but I haven’t really been spending time on learning and practicing my drawing. And I feel like I’ve kind of lost my inspiration. A friend of mine gave me some advice and told me to go within, reconnect with Juliet, and to meditate. So I’m on the right track, I just need to make more time for experimentation.

I realised I started a fun project a while ago, #julietandherfriends, my goal was to draw something for every single one of my followers on Instagram. I’ve done 22 so far, (I’ve included some of them are the illustrations at the top of this post), I have a lot more to go, so I might use this project to experiment with and try some fun things.

So if you’re reading this and you also follow me on instagram, tag me in a photo that you’d like me to draw and I’ll add it to my ‘next to draw’ list.


[ Credits: Words and Illustration by me. ]



Juliet Sulejmani | November ,13 2015


Starting today, I will be blogging daily. Woo!

There won’t really be  a theme, it will basically be me sharing things that I learn, or find interesting or what ever I’m obsessed with at the time. Like for example at the moment I’m obsessed with Casey Neistat and his Vlogs. He is actually the inspiration behind this challenge. I figured if a guy with a family and a new tech company, amongst other things, can create a 6-10 minute high quality vlog/movie daily, then I can at least do one post a day on my blog.

There will be no specific medium for this daily blogging routine. It will be what ever I feel like, so, words, lettering, illustration, film, animation, or all of the above.

Maybe I’ll come up with a challenge that I can document, or just daily life, which is something that I always try to make interesting.

I’ll try to post them at 8am everyday, I’ll also still be posting collaborations with my friends, hopefully I can get some more of those up soon!





I only found out about Humble last week. They are made in Melbourne. I love the whole philosophy of the brand, it makes me feel nice. The packaging and products actually make me feel nicer. I have become obsessed with the lip balm ( It only costs $9.95), I can’t stop applying it which is great for my dry lips and it smells great. The only thing I was wondering though was, what do you do after you’ve applied the lip gloss and you don’t have tissue? I don’t want to wipe it on my clothes… what do you do? Just forget about it until it dissolves?


– h u m b l e .