do you have a beauty guru?

I realised today that one thing lacking in my life was a beauty guru.

Basically, when I was younger, I’m talking around 15, 16, 17, I used to read magazines all the time. I used to actually read them cover to cover, I had files for beauty/health/fashion/hair, where I’d collect my favourite articles. And nearly every night I would practice all the hair/makeup tips in front of the mirror. It was so much fun. And these days all I do is purchase magazines, read them for five minutes and them add them to my collection of magazines.

So this morning when I accidentally found myself on Zoe Foster-Blake’s beauty blog ‘Fruity Beauty‘ it took me back to my young beauty loving days. I realised these days I have been lacking inspiration and have just been doing the same thing on repeat all the time. Don’t get me wrong, it is not a bad thing, but I find it is fun to change things up every now and then. Also Zoe’s article was talking about hair, and I want better hair, and lovelier hair so I really wanted to try out her suggestions.

I’ve picked Zoe as my beauty guru (And partly fashion guru, because I like her style too) because I actually trust her. I feel like if I had met her accidentally somewhere that we would have become friends. I feel like she is genuine and honest. And I think she is nice too because she even replied to my comment on her post. Not many people out there take the time to do that.

Here’s my illustration of the nice things I bought myself today ( two of which were suggested by Zoe) on my way home from uni. I was exhausted and these made me happy.

beauty illustration

The first one is L’oreal Professional Tecni art Volume lift. It’s a light spray mist.

The second; Batiste dry shampoo. I haven’t used this brand before. Dry shampoo is the shit.

Thirdly; Peppermint Magazine. My teacher suggested I read this. So I’m going to see what it’s all about.



- Fruity Beauty

- Peppermint Mag

read in january

2014.02.25_january books


I have been reading so much lately. It is one of my most favourite things to do. I have illustrated above all the books I read in January. I’ll try and do this at the end of each month.

I have challenged myself to read fifty books this year and I have read nine so far.

The Goodreads app is a good way to record what you’re reading and what you want to read. I also make lots of handwritten lists of books to read.


1. Life Lessons From The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. My friend V leant me last year the book ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’. It actually inspired my life, so I picked up this book just as  a refresher. It was helpful. I agree with all the lessons.

2. Stardust. My lecturer Sue leant me this book last year. Not something I would normally read, however surprisingly I really enjoyed the story. I also realised I like Neil Gaiman as a writer.

3. Northanger Abbey. My friend Elena let me borrow this book about three years ago. I tried reading it back then and I couldn’t. It was just slow and boring. I thought it was about time I read it and gave it back to her. I struggled with it to begin with and then toward the end it just got so good. I started getting into the story and really understanding the character. Funnily enough I rate this book.



collar me pretty

First day back at uni and we looked at Flat Collars. Like the Peter Pan collar.

A flat collar is flat, it has no stand and lies flat on the garment. We made a pattern for one and tested it onto the mannequin. Below is a photo of my first attempt. For homework I need to design another flat collar, which I will end up actually making in fabric.

flat collar



I also researched flat collars and other collars, and found some really cool ones and also a wordpress blog dedicated to collars and neck lines, it is actually pretty cool.

88599608 angelina shawl collar inspiration Female portrait in vintage style. tumblr_n12wjzayrI1tnbssgo1_500 tumblr_n13vslER3Z1rky3ygo1_500


Here’s the link to the blog: HERE

fran lebowitz

I keep posting youtube videos, they’re interesting ok.

This is a documentary made by Martin Scorsese ( Director, also director of The Wolf Of Wall Street). The documentary is on Fran Lebowitz, she is a New Yorker, Author, Activist and Pubic Speaker. Maybe you noticed her playing the judge in The Wolf of Wall Street.

(It looks like it’s not in English, but it is, there are just foreign subtitles.)




pssst…fashion week begins today

Fashion week in New York begins on the 6th of February, which is today, I think it’s like 7am in New York at the moment. So we shouldn’t be blogging and online, we should be getting dressed into our pre-prepared fashion outfits for the day, quickly, the first show is at 9am!! (oh that would be a dream.)

Fashion week is the most exciting time in fashion. It is the time when you get to see what those talented designers have been up to and what beautiful things they have created for us.

Because I am so kind, teehee, I have listed all the show dates for each of the four cities and also linked you the schedule. I can’t make any promises, but I will try and report something for each day!

These links are your golden tickets from me!


New York Fashion Week: 06 February – 13 February



London Fashion Week: 14 February – 18 February


Milan Fashion Week: 19 February – 24 February


Paris Fashion Week: 25 February – 05 March


Here’s Anna Dello Russo, she’s insanely passionate about Fashion. She says here she changes her outfits 3 times a day. Ps. she’s Italian and works for Japanese Vogue!




Sometimes I like to buy Time magazine. It can give a great snapshot of a wide range of things that are current and going on in the world. An article in the issue that is out now called ‘The Mindful Revolution’ is actually pretty good. It is just about being more present and mindful in your daily life. Not getting too caught up in your mind or being too distracted by technology and the urge to do a million things at once. It is important for yourself, for you to be able to find some quiet.

I scanned a part of it that I think is quite valuable and helpful. I will try and do this mindfulness meditation tonight. It only takes ten minutes so why the heck not.




life is but a dream

I think everyone should watch this.

It’s Beyonce’s Documentary.

To be honest I haven’t really been a Beyonce fan, I have been too busy listening to rap and also too busy not listening to anything. I am really glad that I watched this. Beyonce has inspired me so much through this documentary. She is such a real person, such a great role model.

Blue Ivy is one lucky girl.