480 Bridge Road Richmond VIC

T  O  U  C  H  W  O  O  D

I had a break this week from uni so I had time some spare time to spend with my friends and go out and check out some new cafes. I hung out with my friend Baz on Monday and he suggested Touchwood, he had been there over the weekend and said he wouldn’t mind going back.

It was great because there was not queue, I think you can wait up to 20 minutes for a table on the weekend not that that would have been a problem for me anyway because I always carry around my book with me and waiting time equals reading time, so I am always happy.

There is so much space in Touchwood, and it’s filled with light which creates a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Baz and I sat up near the counter on the long communal table which was nice, I like sitting in places that give me a good view of everything around me.

Baz ordered the Morning Grain Salad – Quinoa, freekeh, wild rice, rocket, toasted almonds, chai soaked raisins, cumin yoghurt, poached egg $16, and I ordered the Banana and blueberry wholemeal waffles, organic maple syrup, banana ricotta and strawberry dust $16.

Both great choices and very satisfying. I enjoyed the waffles especially because they were wholemeal, so they were lighter and healthier so no bloating than usual waffles and all the ingredients worked really well together. I had two coffees and enjoyed both.

We also had some interesting conversation about social media; what we think about it, what platforms we like to use, how we use it, how much we should/share, how it makes us feel, the importance of it, etc. We both felt the same way in that we actually do love to use it, that it is fun sharing what we’re up to with our friends and ‘followers’, that it is great being able to connect with so many more people, and that it actually does add value in our lives. I would love to continue a conversation on social media with anyone and would love to know your views.




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- Photography by me


Hey, I’m back. I wasn’t planning on being back so quickly but I just couldn’t stay away.

I just took these photos. The first one is some illustrations I’ve been doing with watercolor and the DVD’s I’ve been obsessed with. “The Day Before – Loic Prigent”. They’re so good. It’s basically the 36 hours before a fashion show for particular designers. I think I’ve almost watched them all.

The second photo is some beautiful fabrics I bought at “The Fabric Store”.

And the third is the new Gorman a/w 13 look book. I like Gorman’s prints, they also have really comfortable shoes. My faves from the lookbook are the; Ellie malin + gorman collage landscape pant and the unique new york dress.


2456 2457 2458

foto friday

Hope you’ve all had a great week and hope you have an amazing weekend. Much love. Juliet x

IMG_8722Who doesn’t love selfies? I sure do :p

IMG_8750This image is from a magazine. I want the same in my house, except, instead of cds I’d like books. thanks.

IMG_8749I have been busy with some home organisation lately.

IMG_8747I stumbled across a cool haberdashery store in the nicholas building. i loved these mushrooms.

IMG_8746I made some yummy treats for morning tea. I’ll show you in my next post.

IMG_8745My lecturer showed us this cool book in class.

IMG_8744Delicious donuts at Movida Bakery for breakfast. Blueberry Custard is my new fave.

IMG_8743I bought these treats to take to my mums house. Chocolate cake with wild strawberries and coffee custard and mango tart. yum.

IMG_8740And also, they make amazing coffee at Movida Bakery.

IMG_8665Amazing room at NGV. I wish I lived in this room.

(all these photos were taken by me using my iphone and i edited them using instagram.)

Foto Friday

IMG_8533Cool book I found at the library

IMG_8534Nice artwork in Green With Envy Store on Chapel Street.

IMG_8535I love this bathing suit. It’s on sale in Green With Envy.

IMG_8536“Lamy Pens, Right Hurr’” This is cool, it’s at Magnation on Elizabeth street.

IMG_8537Breakfast; coffee, berries, yoghurt.

IMG_8532Me in my new dress, picking up some mail.

IMG_8507My friend Andy’s Celine jacket. Love.

IMG_8480Some drawings I did.

IMG_8509Yummy, yummy pizza from Ombra Bar. I will make a post about this place.

foto friday

Today was my last day at my corporate job. I have three weeks off until I start my new course. I’m a bit scared but I’m a lot excited.


IMG_83431. I made some pancakes and this one looked like it had a skull on it. Way cool.

IMG_83442. I saw this in Myer of all places. I want one in my house. Thanks.

IMG_83383. First time having French Onion Soup at Paris Go in Carlton. A bit heavy, but very tasty and cheesy. And oniony.

IMG_83394. This is the sign of a cafe in Melbourne. I can’t remember the name but it’s a nice place.

IMG_83405. Street art painting outside Crown

IMG_83416. I would like both of these books. Please and Thank you.

IMG_83427. Where do you look for the truth? At Cup of Truth. Having a latte.

IMG_83138. From our book club: “Bitches, Burgers and Books.”

IMG_82539. Hi, my name is Juliet. I like taking selfies sometimes. Can we be friends?

IMG_824110. This was Saturday last week. I like Saturdays.

photo diary

O U T  I N  F I T Z R O Y


These photos are from Tuesday when it was nice and sunny in Melbourne. The last few days have been miserable, cold and rainy and I can’t find my umbrella!!!


My dress is from CUE and my jacket from Forever New.

“all you need is love…love…love is all you need” on a random wall in Fitzroy.

Arcadia Cafe in Fitzroy. One more cafe to tick of for my Cafe Mission.

I was supposed to have a healthy day with no naughty food but when I was ordering my latte I couldn’t say no to this delicious carrot cake that I swear was begging me to eat it.

Lately I seem to be taking a lot of reflection photos. This is from the reflection on my iphone.

I went into ‘Title” a record store in Fitzroy. Picked up some cute cards. Also wondering who Jack Kerouac is and thinking I should probably already know who he is.


- Juliet x

photo diary

O U T  T O  T H E  L I B R A R Y


My camera will be attached to me on a more frequent basis so I can regularly post photo diaries. Taking photos is one of my most favourite hobbies.

I took these photos today on my walk to the library, which is were I’ve been going most days to practice my drawing and do some reading.

I ended up joining a gym on the way home. Here’s to hopefully losing some winter kilos. I promise I will start going to the gym regularly from tomorrow.


Jumper: Marcs, Jeans: Witchery, Bag: Deadly Ponies, Nail polish: Chanel-Blue Boy


Outside my house.


I like the front of this house.


Window of a cool new vintage store that’s opened on Toorak Road.


Window Display for Country Road by RMIT students.


The side of a restaurant in South Yarra.


Some of the books I was looking at in the library.



I think this was a selfie. I like when photos turn out all random like this.

- Juliet x









uninvited frogs here to stay

Z I N E S  ( P R O N O U N C E D  L I K E  M A G A – Z I N E )

It always surprises me when I start talking about Zines and the person I’m talking to has never heard of Zines. I’m surprised because to me they’re just so interesting. They can be really creative and also very simple. They are often very random and to me that’s what makes them so interesting. Everyone should know about them!

It’s basically a self produced publication. Anyone can make a Zine. Its typically in a small booklet form. It can be handwritten, typed, photocopied, pasted, printed or whatever other way you can think of. It can be about anything. You can put in drawings, photos or writing, whatever you want to share.

I found out about them when I first moved to Melbourne. I came across Sticky Institute at Flinders Street Station on my way home from work one day. And I’ve been wanting to submit my own Zine ever since. (Any one can make a Zine. Yes, even you can.) I’ve actually started making mine today, I think I’m calling it “Uninvited Frogs Here To Stay”. I’ll let you know more about it when I’m done (it’s currently in development/production stages).

There was a cool exhibition on street art in Melbourne some time last year and Zines were a part of it. You can see my photos from the exhibit right HERE.

- Juliet x