suzy my style icon

M O O N R I S E  K I N G D O M

If you saw my Foto Friday post you would have noticed a silly bathroom selfie where I mention I’m about to watch Moonrise Kingdom. Well since watching it earlier this week, I cannot stop thinking about it. I’ve become obsessed with Wes Anderson and more obsessed with sixties fashion/style/makeup. Even though Suzy is only about twelve I consider her a great style icon for that time. (Yes I know she didn’t exist in the sixties, but she is exactly how imagine people of that time to have been.)

The film is based on an island. These two twelve year olds; Suzy and Sam runaway together and fall in love. It’s so cute.

Below I’ve included some images I found online (from Google Images, not my own images), they’re not chosen at random. The one below is my favourite shot in the whole film. I love how she’s sitting on the rock with her things closely beside her and how she’s looking out and has all that water around her. I’m going to try and draw this and when I do I’ll show you.

Reading is one of my most favourite past times and just love how Suzy just sits there and reads by the window whilst her siblings are around her playing music and doing there own thing.

This part is just adorable and made me laugh, before they start looking at the map Sam just shoves the flowers into Suzy’s hand. Such a romantic gesture but done so casually and kind of without meaning because of the way he just hands them to her.

And in this final image you can see her makeup. I’ve been doing the whole sixties black eye liner this whole week but have been a bit of a chicken and haven’t added any blue, but I’ll get there.

Go the sixties! It would have been great to have been around at that time.

– Juliet x


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