photo diary

O U T  I N  F I T Z R O Y


These photos are from Tuesday when it was nice and sunny in Melbourne. The last few days have been miserable, cold and rainy and I can’t find my umbrella!!!


My dress is from CUE and my jacket from Forever New.

“all you need is love…love…love is all you need” on a random wall in Fitzroy.

Arcadia Cafe in Fitzroy. One more cafe to tick of for my Cafe Mission.

I was supposed to have a healthy day with no naughty food but when I was ordering my latte I couldn’t say no to this delicious carrot cake that I swear was begging me to eat it.

Lately I seem to be taking a lot of reflection photos. This is from the reflection on my iphone.

I went into ‘Title” a record store in Fitzroy. Picked up some cute cards. Also wondering who Jack Kerouac is and thinking I should probably already know who he is.


– Juliet x


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