how many coffees can you buy with $20

$ 2 0  C O F F E E  A D V E N T U R E

I’d just hopped into the shower after an intense PT ( Personal Training) session and was thinking about what to do with the rest of my day as it was only about 11am.

I remembered the $20 note that I had in my wallet that I took out incase I wanted to go to one of the cafes in The Cafe Guide. Then the coolest idea popped into my head.

I wondered how many coffees could I actually buy with the $20?  Then, normally, what would happen is that I’d just write the idea off as ridiculous. However, I promised myself the other day after watching the documentary on Diana Vreeland that I’d try to be more like her. ( Someone in the documentary said that if they told Diana to go to the moon for a shoot that she’d hop into the space shuttle without even giving it a second thought.) So this is where my coffee adventure began.

1. Olie & Ari – 133-135 Were Street, BRIGHTON

This was my first stop. Such a cool cafe.The food

in the cabinets was very tempting. I didn’t have anything

because I needed to leave space for more coffee


The coffee cost $3.50 leaving me with $16.50.
Olie & Ari on Urbanspoon



2. Balmains – 117 Were Street, Brighton

Balmains was the second stop. I think I should have

probably stopped drinking coffee after the second one.

But I didn’t because that would be weak. I loved the coffee

cups at Balmains. They were so fancy with the nice gold


The coffee cost $3.70 leaving me with $12.80
Balmains Brighton on Urbanspoon


3. Pantry – 1 Church Street, BRIGHTON

This place was so busy it was awesome. I only had a coffee

but I felt like I should have really had something to eat. All

the food that I saw being served around me looked delicious.

The cool thing about Pantry was that on each table there

were black artist crayons. I didn’t ask anyone but I’m pretty

sure you would use them to write on the brown paper that

they had put on the tables. Awesome idea. I imagined diners

playing hangman, playing naughts and crosses or drawing

maps to show their friend how to get around etc etc.

This coffee cost $4.00 leaving me $8.80
Pantry on Urbanspoon



4. Tuccibrown – 268 Bay Street, BRIGHTON

This was my favourite cafe for the day. I can’t believe I

didn’t know about Tuccibrown. It’s a stationery store/cafe.

That’s everything I love all in one place. I bought a vintage

camera stamp (so cool) and looked through some cool arty

books while sipping my coffee. (I was kind of forcing the

coffee down at this point. I had definitely reached my coffee

drinking limit but I still had money left!! GAH!!

The coffee cost $4.00 leaving me $4.80.
Tuccibrown on Urbanspoon



5. The Little Ox – 452 New Street, BRIGHTON

I was dying by the time I reached this place. (I’d had way

too much coffee.) It was so lovely though. And the staff

were so friendly and smily. I would have loved to try one of

the pretty sweets, but it definitely had to be another time.

I fell in love with the butterfly art on the wall, it was so

pretty and I loved how the sunlight shone through the


The coffee cost $3.50 leaving me with $1.30.
The Little Ox   on Urbanspoon



Yep, this is the end of the $20 coffee adventure. I made it to 5 cafes and had $1.30 left. Thank goodness that wasn’t enough for another coffee because that would have been it. I don’t think I would have made it. It was an excellent

experience and all the cafes were really good. I’d never actually been to Brighton so it was a good experience. In case you were interested all my coffees were skinny lattes and I never take any sugar.

– Juliet x


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