fabric rendering



hi. yesterday i pretty much worked on my folio all day. i thought i’d try some fabric rendering because i hadn’t done it in a while. i used markers and watercolors. I hadn’t used watercolor before, so i was kind of guessing about what to do next. it was actually a lot of fun and i’m happy with how they turned out.

i did this hourly photo diary, so at each hour i took a photo of what i was doing. hope you like this.

i had one song on repeat the whole day. new day by jay z and kanye best. ( i know kanye’s name is west but i like best best πŸ˜‰ )


peace out friends x

11 am


12 pm



2 pm


3 pm


4 pm


sorry for being a stranger. i’m trying really hard to put together a fashion folio. but for now some inspiration images i’ve collected while researching fashion. none of these are my own and don’t really know where they’ve come from. but i hope you enjoy them nonetheless. much love from juliet xxx