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Last night I did something I hadn’t done in a while. I had some girl time, to do those fun girlie things I used to love doing. Like sitting in front of the mirror and styling my hair in certain ways or copying makeup from magazine pages onto myself. When I was younger I used to have folders of cutout magazine pages, one for hair and one for makeup, i found them so inspiring and would be so good at copying them. I don’t make enough time for such girlie things these days. I must remember to put it on my to-do-list.

I recently stumbled on a blog I used to love and follow called : Esme and the laneway.  While I was looking through the blog I came across this tutorial: HERE on how to do a vintage inspired updo. You can see what I ended up with in photo number: 3. It was nice but I still have some more practicing to do. And today I put some extra effort, which really isn’t that much effort, into painting my nails. I did that half moon pattern thing that was popular like last year or something, I think this idea is vintage inspired too. I used those sticky dotty reinforcement stickers as a guide. Then just painted one of my favourite OPI nailpolishes over it “Done out in Deco” and then just a top coat to protect it and make the unpainted part glossy. Voilla. They look so nice.

Photo number 4 is my yummy french toast breakfast from French Fantasies in South Yarra. I sat in the window eating, pretending I was French and reading my latest read which was given to me by my lovely friend Violetta. The book is called ” The monk who sold his ferrari”. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants more clarity in their life. For those of you who are like me and think about things too much and worry too much. This book really helps with that and also reinforcing positive thinking. It puts a lot of focus into goal setting which is quite appropriate given the time of the year… Have any of you thought about your new years resolutions??? I’ve got a list of things going on but I feel as though it needs to be a little more specific. It basically is: Blog/Exercise/Draw/Journal/Read.

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when it’s hot or even when it’s not

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Brunswick East Project

438 Lygon Street. BRUNSWICK EAST

When it’s hot I love to drink Iced Coffees. I don’t usually like to have cream because of the calories. But ice-cream always makes it taste more delicious. My friend Lorraine recommended the iced coffee at The Brunswick East Project. She told me that they basically serve it in a bowl and the ice-cream is amazing in it. I went immediately the next day. My friend Emma (who’s hand and iced chocolate is pictured above) came with me on another day after she saw the photo of my iced coffee that i posted on instagram. The words on the door made me laugh. “No Hawkers ( or bloggers ) ” haha. awkward…. I only noticed that after I was selecting the photos to upload for this post.

(all photos are taken by me on my Nikon D7000)

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we meet again

I moved out of my parents home about five months ago. When I moved I didn’t actually bring every single piece of my belongings with me. This is because I was very overwhelmed by the amount of things I had collected. So my parents still have a bedroom FULL of my things in it. I wonder if any of you have a ‘storage system’ going on at your parents house…? Anyway when I was there yesterday I started going through some of the things and happened to re-discover so many cool shoes that I had forgotten that I even owned. One pair being my chucks! I used to love my Chucks!


2035 2036 2037


G R A C E  .  A  M E M O I R .  G R A C E  C O D D I N G T O N


after a lovely lunch with my lovely friend emma yesterday we popped into “the paperback bookshop”. and on the shelf i saw grace’s new book. i was excited. i knew it was coming but didn’t know it was here. i looked through and was drawn in by grace. by her cute drawings. i knew this was a book i had to have. i didn’t buy it because i thought to myself, i’d save some money and buy it online. that didn’t happen though. after seeing the book, i got curious and started googling grace again, and started reading articles and interviews and yep, i spent my little mini lunch break running back to the bookshop to buy the book. and i was so lucky. it was the last copy! and now it’s mine. and i’m going to start reading it just as soon as i finish typing. i’d like to say i’d read it all tonight but i can’t read that fast. below is a photo of me looking back at grace. such a cool book. such a cool person. i want to be just like grace when i grow up. please excuse my nails. i should have painted them this morning but i ran out of time. i hate it when nails aren’t perfect and they are like mine are right now. if i had of painted a top coat they would have lasted longer. anyway you should all find out who grace is and fall in love with her just like i have!  oh and the picture below that one is of the inside cover of the book. i love it!


Photo on 2012-12-19 at 17.22 #3 copycc19884448d011e2bba622000a1fbc9c_7


good news

today i have been feeling pretty happy because yesterday i had an interview at a university and i got accepted into a fashion design course.


i love fashion.


i had the day off today and i wore my hair in a messy bun and put this cute mesh aqua green coloured bow clip i bought from myer. it’s miss shop brand. i love bows and i love putting them in my hair. i wonder how many of you guys like wearing things in your hair…like clips… or buttons…or flowers..or headbands…i love headbands but they always give me a headache!

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clickety scribble





when i decided to post about the new book i bought i didn’t expect the title to be clickety scribble. the inbuilt dictionary on this wordpress is telling me that clickety isn’t a real word. but that’s the only way i can explain it.


i bought ‘the scribble diary’ – my brain right now by lisa currie at dymocks yesterday. i have an obsession with notebooks, journals, stationery and writing. i’ve already started using this one and i have decided it will be my daily journal until i’ve used up all the pages. i love it especially because it kind of prompts you on what to write about, even though i always seem to twist into into what i really want to write about, only it comes out in a different way which i think is super cool.

the other cool thing is that the author/creator, lisa currie, is from melbourne. so cool. and the other so super cool thing is that once you try to find out more about lisa currie you just find out more and more about so many other super cool things. i started clicking and clicking and reading and clicking about an hour ago and there are still so many more things to look at…


heres a list of some of the things i’ve clicked to:

the scribble project

busy body lazy bones

the scribble diary

color me katie

cristina polop

send more mail

mr spoqui

my better half


see what i’m saying? and these aren’t all of them! i could keep clicking all day.

brother baba budan

B R O T H E R  B A B A  B U D A N

359 little bourke street, melbourne

you can read the story HERE

i found out about BBB through my friends. i first went there like a year ago or something. it features in this mini film thing i did, you can click HERE to see it. it starts at about 0:34.

all the cool cats go here. its very cozy. i go there every sunday on my break from work. i’ve had a skinny latte, an iced coffee and finally as suggested by my friend, i finally tried a cold drip coffee. it’s the picture featured below which was cleverly taken by me and thanks to instagram looks cooler with added filter and stuff.

my friend DB kept telling me to try it and i was a bit intimidated by the idea.

i can’t believe that i’ve been to over 100 cafes and never tried any of this pour-over-filtered-specialty-coffee-business-stuff.

the cool cafe guy at BBB was nice enough to explain it to me. basically the cold drip coffee drips through a filter ( i think ) for something like 8 hours. then is served as in the  picture below. so basically an ice cube in a cup and then you pour the coffee over it and drink it. he said you can have milk in it but for me it was perfect just like that. i would definitely try it again. though, the next time i go to BBB i will probably try the other one which i think is called a pour over ( this one is hot coffee). i think if you’re a coffee lover you should totally get on it. apparently also according to my friend DB i should by an aeropress from BBB and use that to make my morning coffee instead of my usual instant moccona coffee.

one thing at a time , one thing at a time. maybe next time.


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– juliet x