servery and spoon

S E R V E R Y  A N D  S P O O N

137-139 waverley road



this post is very long overdue. please forgive me. but i think you all need to know about servery and spoon.

a few weeks ago, the lovely elaine invited me to the launch of the new catering menu.

elaine is the owner of servery and spoon and also my sister says. i did a little review of my sister says a while back, you can check it out HERE.

i had been to servery and spoon before but only had takeaway while R had his computer fixed at the place down the road, so i was happy to be invited back.

i had the opportunity not only to try all of the new delicious food/recipes but to meet a whole bunch of new and interesting people. it was great to see the relationships that had formed at this lovely suburban cafe over the last four (or five, i’m not quite sure, sorry) years of it being around. relationships between elaine, her staff and her customers. it was like one big family. everyone was so lovely and welcoming. all the staff were so happy and you could tell that they loved being there. which just made the atmosphere and the vibe of the cafe just that extra bit special.

all the food was just superb. some of my most favourites were;

spinach and fetta croquettes, black olive aioli

carrot and coriander fritters, sumac yoghurt

chicken and mushroom empanadas

roasted pumpkin, rocket, cashew and feta

cajun chicken and corn tart

and all the desserts

and all the other food as well.


– Juliet x

Servery & Spoon on Urbanspoon

(photography by me)


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