brother baba budan

B R O T H E R  B A B A  B U D A N

359 little bourke street, melbourne

you can read the story HERE

i found out about BBB through my friends. i first went there like a year ago or something. it features in this mini film thing i did, you can click HERE to see it. it starts at about 0:34.

all the cool cats go here. its very cozy. i go there every sunday on my break from work. i’ve had a skinny latte, an iced coffee and finally as suggested by my friend, i finally tried a cold drip coffee. it’s the picture featured below which was cleverly taken by me and thanks to instagram looks cooler with added filter and stuff.

my friend DB kept telling me to try it and i was a bit intimidated by the idea.

i can’t believe that i’ve been to over 100 cafes and never tried any of this pour-over-filtered-specialty-coffee-business-stuff.

the cool cafe guy at BBB was nice enough to explain it to me. basically the cold drip coffee drips through a filter ( i think ) for something like 8 hours. then is served as in the  picture below. so basically an ice cube in a cup and then you pour the coffee over it and drink it. he said you can have milk in it but for me it was perfect just like that. i would definitely try it again. though, the next time i go to BBB i will probably try the other one which i think is called a pour over ( this one is hot coffee). i think if you’re a coffee lover you should totally get on it. apparently also according to my friend DB i should by an aeropress from BBB and use that to make my morning coffee instead of my usual instant moccona coffee.

one thing at a time , one thing at a time. maybe next time.


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– juliet x


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