clickety scribble





when i decided to post about the new book i bought i didn’t expect the title to be clickety scribble. the inbuilt dictionary on this wordpress is telling me that clickety isn’t a real word. but that’s the only way i can explain it.


i bought ‘the scribble diary’ – my brain right now by lisa currie at dymocks yesterday. i have an obsession with notebooks, journals, stationery and writing. i’ve already started using this one and i have decided it will be my daily journal until i’ve used up all the pages. i love it especially because it kind of prompts you on what to write about, even though i always seem to twist into into what i really want to write about, only it comes out in a different way which i think is super cool.

the other cool thing is that the author/creator, lisa currie, is from melbourne. so cool. and the other so super cool thing is that once you try to find out more about lisa currie you just find out more and more about so many other super cool things. i started clicking and clicking and reading and clicking about an hour ago and there are still so many more things to look at…


heres a list of some of the things i’ve clicked to:

the scribble project

busy body lazy bones

the scribble diary

color me katie

cristina polop

send more mail

mr spoqui

my better half


see what i’m saying? and these aren’t all of them! i could keep clicking all day.


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