G R A C E  .  A  M E M O I R .  G R A C E  C O D D I N G T O N


after a lovely lunch with my lovely friend emma yesterday we popped into “the paperback bookshop”. and on the shelf i saw grace’s new book. i was excited. i knew it was coming but didn’t know it was here. i looked through and was drawn in by grace. by her cute drawings. i knew this was a book i had to have. i didn’t buy it because i thought to myself, i’d save some money and buy it online. that didn’t happen though. after seeing the book, i got curious and started googling grace again, and started reading articles and interviews and yep, i spent my little mini lunch break running back to the bookshop to buy the book. and i was so lucky. it was the last copy! and now it’s mine. and i’m going to start reading it just as soon as i finish typing. i’d like to say i’d read it all tonight but i can’t read that fast. below is a photo of me looking back at grace. such a cool book. such a cool person. i want to be just like grace when i grow up. please excuse my nails. i should have painted them this morning but i ran out of time. i hate it when nails aren’t perfect and they are like mine are right now. if i had of painted a top coat they would have lasted longer. anyway you should all find out who grace is and fall in love with her just like i have!  oh and the picture below that one is of the inside cover of the book. i love it!


Photo on 2012-12-19 at 17.22 #3 copycc19884448d011e2bba622000a1fbc9c_7



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