girlie girl

Last night I did something I hadn’t done in a while. I had some girl time, to do those fun girlie things I used to love doing. Like sitting in front of the mirror and styling my hair in certain ways or copying makeup from magazine pages onto myself. When I was younger I used to have folders of cutout magazine pages, one for hair and one for makeup, i found them so inspiring and would be so good at copying them. I don’t make enough time for such girlie things these days. I must remember to put it on my to-do-list.

I recently stumbled on a blog I used to love and follow called : Esme and the laneway.  While I was looking through the blog I came across this tutorial: HERE on how to do a vintage inspired updo. You can see what I ended up with in photo number: 3. It was nice but I still have some more practicing to do. And today I put some extra effort, which really isn’t that much effort, into painting my nails. I did that half moon pattern thing that was popular like last year or something, I think this idea is vintage inspired too. I used those sticky dotty reinforcement stickers as a guide. Then just painted one of my favourite OPI nailpolishes over it “Done out in Deco” and then just a top coat to protect it and make the unpainted part glossy. Voilla. They look so nice.

Photo number 4 is my yummy french toast breakfast from French Fantasies in South Yarra. I sat in the window eating, pretending I was French and reading my latest read which was given to me by my lovely friend Violetta. The book is called ” The monk who sold his ferrari”. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants more clarity in their life. For those of you who are like me and think about things too much and worry too much. This book really helps with that and also reinforcing positive thinking. It puts a lot of focus into goal setting which is quite appropriate given the time of the year… Have any of you thought about your new years resolutions??? I’ve got a list of things going on but I feel as though it needs to be a little more specific. It basically is: Blog/Exercise/Draw/Journal/Read.

IMG_8152 IMG_8153 IMG_8140 IMG_8096 IMG_8084


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