Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar

Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar

66 Bourke Street


This is me on the left and my friend darling friend Emma next to me. This is us here at Pellegrini’s. Emma was raving about their lasagne so I told her she had to take me. It’s obviously Italian but what I didn’t realise was that it was actually old school Italian. It’s so old school, i loved it. It’s quite small. There really isn’t much room to move around. There’s basically a long bar and then there’s a bench and seats along the wall directly opposite the bar. Which is where we sat. It’s nothing fancy but when you walk in you feel like you’ve known this place all your life. Like you’re transported back to another time and place, and not at all in Melbourne’s busy CBD.

I don’t think they have any menu’s, I didn’t see any displayed and we weren’t given one. We were greeted by an older Italian man, he had an Italian accent that made him seem so interesting, who basically told us the menu. He said that we could choose lasagne or cannelloni. And he offered us a granita.

First came a chunk of buttered bread. Then the delicious lasagne and then the granita. We didn’t really have to wait much at all. It was so good. I felt like I was at my nonno and nonna’s house. No I’m not Italian, I’m just dreaming. It’s just what I imagine being at your Italian grandparents house would be like.  It was great. It’s always so busy, you’re lucky if you can get a seat. We finished it all, I forgot to take a photo of my empty plate to show you.

It’s also cool because it’s located right next to Hill of Content and The Paperback Bookstore. What more could you want. Italian food and books. Perfect.

IMG_7911 IMG_7912


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