miss chu – south yarra

Miss Chu – South Yarra

276 Toorak Road, South Yarra

website: CLICK HERE

I never know how many photos is enough. I feel like sometimes only a few are required but sometimes like now, when I want to show you something, I just want to put them all in. So I did.

Last night my friends and I went to Miss Chu in South Yarra. I’d been wanting to go to the one in the city for quite some time but our plans kept falling through and then just recently I noticed the South Yarra one had opened so we thought we’d check it out. I didn’t know much about the story behind the “Tuckshop” or who “Miss Chu” actually was but just about three minutes ago I clicked the link ‘who is miss chu’ link on the website and it’s quite cool.

Miss Chu is…”designed for the modern eater on the go.” yep that’s me most of the time. So I guess I’m classified as a modern eater. I think this is a new trend that’s catching on, all these amazing restaurants that don’t take bookings, that are so delicious and very good value, that you just want to keep going back for more, we ‘modern eaters’ don’t care that we have to wait for one hour, or forty five minutes, or luckily last night we only waited fifteen minutes to get a table for three at Miss Chu. We’ll wait because it’s totally worth it. We know we wont be dissatisfied and we’ll love the food, the quick service, the cleanliness and coolness and the fact that we get water served to us in plastic recycled coconut juice cups from thailand or somewhere because they’re just so ‘chic’. We love it.

2082This is Steph, one of my closest friends. I love her style, she always inspires me.

2083This is outside the restaurant a.k.a the tuckshop

2103Steph had this drink: Lychee and Cucumber Coconut Crush

2113We shared most of the food. This is: Warm Vermicelli Salad: Lemongrass Beef

2115And the famous rice paper rolls we had: Satay Chicken & Cucumber

2116Steamed Dumplings: Asian Vegetables with garlic chives

2117Andrea had the Peking Duck Pancake

2122Steph had the Pork Bun and I had the Mushroom Bun

2124This is the vegetarian fried net spring roll

2126 2128 2130 2136 2137 2140421019_10151217464422083_1200453299_n

My favourite of all the food we tried was the Spring Rolls. I’d definitely love to go back here. The tuckshop was much bigger than it seems from the outside. And incase you were wondering we only paid about $25 each. Oh and I don’t think I’ve mentioned that it’s Italian Cuisine!

Any suggestions? What place should I try next?


( all photos taken by me except for the last one)
Miss Chu on Urbanspoon


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