looking through my lens


So today I finally bought the camera lens that i’ve been wanting for such a long time. A 35mm for my Nikon D7000. I’ve had a 50mm for such a long time and haven’t been able to take so many shots that I wanted to. So now everything will be perfect. If lens mm mean nothing to you, it’s ok, because I don’t really know much about it either. Basically the 35mm will let me take photos of people without having to go one hundred metres (i’m exaggerating by the way, but i mean going very far away.) from them. And everyone can be included in the photo instead of only one persons face as the 50mm likes to do. If that still doesn’t make sense it’s ok because this purchase basically has made my day. 😛


Today was my friend Emma’s birthday! Happy Birthday Emma!


The nail polish colour in the photo is OPI – Cajun Shrimp, nice for this hot weather here in Melbourne, I included this picture because it was the first photo I took with my new lens.




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