Book Club Meeting – 01

As I mentioned we had our first book club meeting last night. It was so much fun. I don’t think any of us had been in a proper book club before so it was interesting. Just before I met the girls I spent a few minutes googling ” How to start a book club”.  There are some good tips. Tips that I think are important are:

Juliet’s Tips on Starting a Book Club:

– Decide who you want to be in your book club and invite them. (There are five people in the book club that we started. One of them was sick  on the night 😦 )

– Pick a name for you Book Club. Not super important but it makes it more fun. Ours is called ” Bitches, Burgers and Books”.

– Choose a meeting place. Can be anywhere you like. Your house, other peoples house, the park, local cafe’s, restuarants etc. We met up at 1000 Pound Bend.

– Decide on how often you’d like to meet and how long to read the books for. We will be meeting monthly, so we’ll have one month to read the chosen book.

– Figure out what kinds of books you all want to read or like to read. My friends and I were lucky because we all pretty much enjoy reading the same books. We’re going with mainly Non-Fiction, Culture, Fashion, Biography, History…stuff like that.

– Decide on how to decide what books to read. We came up with one person designated each month to suggest three different books then we all vote on which book to read next. Our next book will be: Patti Smith- Just Kids.

– Then just read, read, read. We will obviously meet in a month and discuss the book, what we thought about it, did we like it, did we not…etc etc



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