I went to see Hitchcock today. I loved it. Someone on Twitter tweeted; “Saw Hitchcock last night. A film based on a book based on true events, about the making of a film based on  a book based on the true events.” HA! Haha. That’s basically it, the book that started it all is Pyscho by Robert Bloch. Another book I now need to read.


I would recommend to any of you wanting to watch it to actually watch a couple of Hitch’s films. Obviously, especially Psycho and maybe also Birds. I hadn’t watched either fully, but luckily enough last year I did a subject in film and we discussed both those films i mentioned in quite detail, so when watching Hitchcock I was able to get most of the references. Gee I feel like that sentence went on for so long.

Something Hitchcock said in the film resonated with me, it’s also included as an extra in the trailer for the film right HERE. If you do click on the link you’ll see David and Margaret’s review of this and other films. David gave it a 3.5 and Margaret gave it a 3. I’d give it a 4, I really enjoyed it.

” Do you remember the fun we had when we started out all those years ago, we didn’t have any money then did we, we didn’t have any time either but we took risks, do you remember, we experimented, we invented new ways of making pictures because we had to. I just want to feel that kind of, freedom again…”


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