Foto Friday ( on saturday)

IMG_8476This was an interesting Japanese dish I tried. I think the place was called ITO, I’m not totally sure. It was nice. That’s an egg on top.

IMG_8472This is the book I’ve been talking about lately. The Eat, Drink, and be Gorgeous Project – Esther Blum.

IMG_8473My healthy breakfast. Yum, yum.

IMG_8474My sisters cat being curious about the flowers. It was funny when she started looking into the vase at the water.

IMG_8475My favourite old shoes. I’ve had them for about 5 years and have only worn them about three times because I keep forgetting that I own them.

IMG_8470I went to the Australian Open yesterday. This is Ana Ivanovska and Jelena Jankovic. Ana won.

IMG_8291I watched a documentary on Paris back in 1900-1930. And these are a bunch of writers, artists, sculptors etc that got famous around that time.



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