Today was my first day of fashion school. It’s only orientation so it’s just business, things like timetables, form filling, campus navigation and stuff like that. It’s still pretty exciting.

We got a few lists, I love lists, one list was for suppliers and the others were equipment lists; so things that we’ll be using in the classes. I have some of the things but will need to go shopping for the rest.

The course leader emailed us a supplier list which is pretty cool, it will just make it a little bit easier to find the things that I’ll need. The supplier list is just made up of places to go to buy fabric, machine accessories, haberdasheries, sewing supplies etc. The name of the supplier is listed, a blurb about their specialisation, the address and contact details. I can see this list coming in very handy.

I visited Buttonmania today, it’s in the Nicholas Building on Swanston Street. There are also a lot of other creative studios in that building, so it was a nice little adventure.


IMG_8676 IMG_8677 IMG_8678


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