On the weekend I attended a talk at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV).

The speakers were; Akira Isogawa ( Australian designer born in Japan), David McAllister AM ( Artistic Director at The Australian Ballet – TBA), Jenny Howard ( Wardrobe Production Coordinator at TBA) and Roger Leong (Curator, International Fashion and Textiles) who was also the host.

They gave us an insight into the whole process of designing and producing the costumes for Graeme Murphy’s Romeo and Juliet 2011.

It was actually quite interesting because I didn’t realise that it was actually such a big production. They said there were 150 roles and that they made about 280 costumes. Jenny mentioned that she had about thirty people working with her; sourcing fabrics, trims,etc, making the costumes and being involved in the process. She also had to travel to Sydney a few times because Akira’s studio is in Sydney and Akira also had to visit Melbourne. Jenny also mentioned that Β she had to visit Sydney for the fittings too.

Click THIS link to see some of the costumes, there was an exhibit at NGV however I didn’t get a chance to take my own photos.

2512Pictured here: Roger Leong, David McAllister AM and Akira

DSC_2515Roger Leong, David McAllister AM, Akira Isogawa and Jenny Howard.

( All photographs taken by me using my Nikon D7000)


So I’m slowly realising what life is like as a fashion student.

It is actually pretty amazing, and interesting and exciting, and busy and insightful. And because it is all of these things, that means that it is also very exhausting. And it’s been pretty hard letting go of things that aren’t so important anymore. Well not really letting them go, but putting them aside for another time, possibly school holidays. You know, things like sitting in front of the tv and watching a whole season of breaking bad. Or…hanging out with friends whenever the hell you feel like, which is all the time for me. Maybe cooking some delicious food from the million and one recipe books I own. You know, just stuff like that.

It has been hard adjusting to this new lifestyle of a fashion student, but it’s ok, because I really love the other things I get to do. Things like being creative, painting, shopping for fabric, and the other day I started sewing together a pair of pants I made, which was so amazing because I’ve never actually made anything in my whole life.

Photo on 2013-03-17 at 07.39 #2This is my messy bun for today, I might put a bow in it to make it look a little more pretty and a little less messy.

Photo on 2013-03-17 at 07.43The lighting is not that great in my studio, but this is something I did yesterday, it’s just gouache, I started with black and ended up at white, i probably could have had more boxes, i got to the end and was like, omg, more white, more white.

sex and the city

At Chadstone they currently have a mini exhibit of some costumes from Sex & The City. Here are some of my favourite ones. It was great to see the exhibit, however I’m not sure that they were all the actual originals. I’m not sure whether they’re supposed to be…

Photo 1 is Carrie’s dress from season 6, episode 20 (Paris) it’s by Versace Haute Couture.

Photo 2 is the lovely Chanel Scrabble Bag.

Photo 3 is the amazing Manolo Blahnik’s that I want along with the wardrobe that they are in in the actual scene when we first see them!



(* photo’s taken by me using my nikon d7000)

how to make booklets

I think that I’ve just become obsessed with mini booklet making. I knew it was easy, but I didn’t realise it was so easy. And fun. I think these are the first of many more booklets. If any of you know me in real life, you can definitely expect a mini book to be coming your way!


So because I called this post how to make booklets I think i need to put in some explanations…



1. Create some content for your booklet. Mine is my homework. I needed to collect examples of care labels on clothing. I work in retail so this was super easy. You could do it for your receipts, photos, letters, cards, and whatever else you may collect that is paper form but you are not limited to paper forms. You can make a booklet with flower petals but maybe you’d have to use thread to connect them instead of staples, maybe.


2. If you want to be a copycat and copy me, then use cardboard for the front and back cover of your mini booklet. You can be all perfect and stuff and measure your content pages and then cut out the cardboard perfectly or just do like me and just trace it directly. It worked for me. Then put your content between the two pieces of cardboard and staple, staple, staple. There are many ways to connect the pages. You can put holes with a hole punch and thread ribbon through, sew them like I mentioned before and I’m sure there are other ways so be creative and think of some more.

3. And voilla, open and close and read through your booklet. I think it’s a good idea to label your booklets unless you’re one of those mysterious types and in that case leave it unlabelled. I just thought of something just now… wouldn’t it be rad if you just made up random booklets and left them around places you visited. I think I’m going to be doing this. I think this type of thing I’m getting onto is like, exactly like or very similar to, zines. Whatever.


Now you know how to make booklets/zines, make them like crazy and show me, or let me know about them and how you made them and what you made them about. Ok cool, now I’m going to make spaghetti bolognese because it’s dinner time!

typography fashion

I can’t believe I’ve just completed week three of my degree. I know I’ve still got a long way to go, but it sure feels like time is going so fast!

Below are some mannequins with our draped skirt pattern. I think next week we’ll get to sew them together. Then just a shot of my desk which for some reason always ends up so untidy. And then me playing around with some design ideas using my mini mannequin. I called him/her Patrick. I just cut out some typography and am just sticking it around Patrick. I’ll be sketching the design once I’m done.







foto friday

F O T O Β  F R I D A Y


I hope you all have a fantastic Friday. Friday’s for me is not as exciting anymore. It’s the last day of uni for the week. Which means work Saturday, Sunday and Monday. That’s the life of a fashion student yo.

Also happy first day of May!


This is a cool series of doco’s called The Day Before. I’ve actually, now watched them all!



I feel like I’ve posted this here before but I’m not sure. It’s just a quick watercolor painting I did.



Me. Pardon all the selfies in this Foto Friday. You’ll notice I’ve bought a new red lipstick and I totally love it.



I went to the Night Market and had one of these yummy spirally potatoes. And of course some Sangria.



Some gouache painting of the colour wheel.


Me in my red lipstick. I’ve noticed it makes my hair look more blonde than usual!



Lots of buttons at Jimmy Buttons.



Lots of trims too. I had the urge to start tidying up for them while I was there, but I resisted. The lady actually lost her keys while I was there. I have no hope that she was able to find them :/



My friend Ashy’s hat. So super cool.


I found this at work. I think the other girl did it, maybe something to do with the shirts we sell having thread treads. I clothes are made in china so maybe I’m thinking that’s why its translated. No idea.


My outfit of the day for uni yesterday. The red lipstick makes things more exciting.


This is my latest book club read, and I just realised I haven’t updated you on book club. I like this picture of Patti.

IMG_9131My latte. I really, really love coffee and hanging out in cafes.


– Juliet x