how to make booklets

I think that I’ve just become obsessed with mini booklet making. I knew it was easy, but I didn’t realise it was so easy. And fun. I think these are the first of many more booklets. If any of you know me in real life, you can definitely expect a mini book to be coming your way!


So because I called this post how to make booklets I think i need to put in some explanations…



1. Create some content for your booklet. Mine is my homework. I needed to collect examples of care labels on clothing. I work in retail so this was super easy. You could do it for your receipts, photos, letters, cards, and whatever else you may collect that is paper form but you are not limited to paper forms. You can make a booklet with flower petals but maybe you’d have to use thread to connect them instead of staples, maybe.


2. If you want to be a copycat and copy me, then use cardboard for the front and back cover of your mini booklet. You can be all perfect and stuff and measure your content pages and then cut out the cardboard perfectly or just do like me and just trace it directly. It worked for me. Then put your content between the two pieces of cardboard and staple, staple, staple. There are many ways to connect the pages. You can put holes with a hole punch and thread ribbon through, sew them like I mentioned before and I’m sure there are other ways so be creative and think of some more.

3. And voilla, open and close and read through your booklet. I think it’s a good idea to label your booklets unless you’re one of those mysterious types and in that case leave it unlabelled. I just thought of something just now… wouldn’t it be rad if you just made up random booklets and left them around places you visited. I think I’m going to be doing this. I think this type of thing I’m getting onto is like, exactly like or very similar to, zines. Whatever.


Now you know how to make booklets/zines, make them like crazy and show me, or let me know about them and how you made them and what you made them about. Ok cool, now I’m going to make spaghetti bolognese because it’s dinner time!


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