sex and the city

At Chadstone they currently have a mini exhibit of some costumes from Sex & The City. Here are some of my favourite ones. It was great to see the exhibit, however I’m not sure that they were all the actual originals. I’m not sure whether they’re supposed to be…

Photo 1 is Carrie’s dress from season 6, episode 20 (Paris) it’s by Versace Haute Couture.

Photo 2 is the lovely Chanel Scrabble Bag.

Photo 3 is the amazing Manolo Blahnik’s that I want along with the wardrobe that they are in in the actual scene when we first see them!



(* photo’s taken by me using my nikon d7000)


5 thoughts

      1. I’m always checking out the high fashion stores! I’m lucky enough to own some real designer items but they are of course second hand. Look for secondhand designer stores to find all your favourite brands at lower prices! x

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