So I’m slowly realising what life is like as a fashion student.

It is actually pretty amazing, and interesting and exciting, and busy and insightful. And because it is all of these things, that means that it is also very exhausting. And it’s been pretty hard letting go of things that aren’t so important anymore. Well not really letting them go, but putting them aside for another time, possibly school holidays. You know, things like sitting in front of the tv and watching a whole season of breaking bad. Or…hanging out with friends whenever the hell you feel like, which is all the time for me. Maybe cooking some delicious food from the million and one recipe books I own. You know, just stuff like that.

It has been hard adjusting to this new lifestyle of a fashion student, but it’s ok, because I really love the other things I get to do. Things like being creative, painting, shopping for fabric, and the other day I started sewing together a pair of pants I made, which was so amazing because I’ve never actually made anything in my whole life.

Photo on 2013-03-17 at 07.39 #2This is my messy bun for today, I might put a bow in it to make it look a little more pretty and a little less messy.

Photo on 2013-03-17 at 07.43The lighting is not that great in my studio, but this is something I did yesterday, it’s just gouache, I started with black and ended up at white, i probably could have had more boxes, i got to the end and was like, omg, more white, more white.


One thought

  1. This is a great post! What course are you doing at the moment? I’m not a fashion student, however I am a huge fashion lover, so instead of using most of my time to study, I spend my study time for blogging, reading other peoples blogs, checking out latest fashion trends, watch fashion shows and so on. Keep up the amazing work and it would be such a great and wonderful experience to be a fashion student! 🙂

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