On the weekend I attended a talk at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV).

The speakers were; Akira Isogawa ( Australian designer born in Japan), David McAllister AM ( Artistic Director at The Australian Ballet – TBA), Jenny Howard ( Wardrobe Production Coordinator at TBA) and Roger Leong (Curator, International Fashion and Textiles) who was also the host.

They gave us an insight into the whole process of designing and producing the costumes for Graeme Murphy’s Romeo and Juliet 2011.

It was actually quite interesting because I didn’t realise that it was actually such a big production. They said there were 150 roles and that they made about 280 costumes. Jenny mentioned that she had about thirty people working with her; sourcing fabrics, trims,etc, making the costumes and being involved in the process. She also had to travel to Sydney a few times because Akira’s studio is in Sydney and Akira also had to visit Melbourne. Jenny also mentioned that  she had to visit Sydney for the fittings too.

Click THIS link to see some of the costumes, there was an exhibit at NGV however I didn’t get a chance to take my own photos.

2512Pictured here: Roger Leong, David McAllister AM and Akira

DSC_2515Roger Leong, David McAllister AM, Akira Isogawa and Jenny Howard.

( All photographs taken by me using my Nikon D7000)


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