I have been so focussed on uni and learning more about the fashion world that I didn’t realise that I wasn’t actually letting anything in. As in, not letting myself be excited about anything. This is not a really good place to be, especially not for a fashion design student. Without inspiration you really have nothing.

I’m trying to do things I used to do, which is go on adventures, (to cafe’s and cool stores) and remember to be curious and also taking time to reflect on things. And after a whole day of remembering to be myself I already feel slightly more inspired. I seem to be very curious about Vivienne Westwood and I think I may even want to be her. I have to become a punk first, so I’ll keep thinking about that one.

I borrowed some books from the library and created a nice outfit on my mini mannequin who if i’m not sure whether I’ve mentioned, is called Patrick.

Also if you could be so kind as to tell me where you find inspiration, or how you get out of being uninspired…thanks 🙂


0695 0697 0699It’s finally been cold enough for me to wear these Peter Alexander pyjamas again. I’ve been in my pyjamas since 3pm today.


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