a stonnington adventure

Saturday past I went on a lovely adventure around Stonnington with a handful of very gorgeous and Melbourne savvy women.

It was basically a day filled with sunshine, sweetness, lattes, fashion, delicious burgers, dutch beauties, champagne, and mexican collectibles.

I know that seems like some kind of sweet talking but that’s exactly how it was. Please do admire my photography from the day. 



The adventure began at Lisa Barron. Lisa kindly gave us a tour of her atelier which is located behind and above her store on High Street in Armadale. This was the first time that I had ever seen a designers studio and workroom in real life. So you can imagine how inspiring that was for me especially because I’m now a fashion design student.

Lisa was my favourite of the day because I feel like I really connected with her and she is also exactly who I aspire to become once I get into the fashion industry. Lisa explained to us how she moved to Melbourne from Perth at the age of 21 to pursue her dreams to have her own label. She began selling her dresses in some stores along Chapel Street and here she is this year celebrating 30 years of fashion creation.

I had a chance to speak to her and hopefully I will be doing some work experience with her on my midyear uni break.


Then we visited Hans at The House of Orange.

Hans brings us a wide range of Dutch inspired furniture and home wares which are all produced locally and made to order in Prahran.

The aesthetic of the furniture is simple, natural and clean. Hans was explaining to us that the idea is to start with the basics; table and couch being in neutral colours like greys, whites and then accessorising with splashes of colour.

The top picture is myself and Hans and below next to the bike is the lovely Iolanthe from Ruby Slipper Consultants.
market market1 market2Next we ventured over to Market Import.  As you can see from the images above there are so, so, so many beautiful things to look at. Market Import is the perfect place for those interesting decorating pieces that every house needs and also great for gift ideas. I particularly appreciated the wide range of Mexican pieces available in store. I could have spent the whole day browsing around.

And then it became lunch time and we were all so hungry after our morning adventures. We stopped off at Parlour Diner on Chapel Street.

That is my burger pictured above. It was superb. I had the Parlour Burger: 8oz Beef Patty, Tomato, Lettuce, Cheese and pickles and to drink a tasty Guava Jarritos. We all shared some curly fries and onion rings. My mouth is watering no after looking at the burger. I need to go back here.

theredballoon2theredballoonThen some dessert was totally necessary and we got our fix from ‘The Red Balloon’. Here we are introduced to Pascal the owner a fellow candy artisan. We were able to watch them make some gorgeous candy that has been ordered for a baby shower. Such an amazing process and they are so clever to be able to make hard candy like this.

In the image above you see Brittany taking part in a blindfold candy taste test, which is actually harder than you may think. And the candy is also even more amazing and flavoursome than you could ever imagine.

My favourite flavour of the day was the Sherbert.

Being in Melbourne our adventure would naturally need to end up at a coffee place. And naturally we were taken to Market Lane Coffee.

Here we sampled a Pour Over coffee. This was the second time I’d tried a pour over and even though I am a latte fan I wouldn’t mind swapping over to becoming a pour over fan. They had brewed the Juan Ticona blend for us which comes from Brazil. The best thing I think about Pour Over’s is that you can very easily make it at home and Market Lane Coffee provides everything you need to do this.

In the image above you see the lovely Sarah from Sarah’s Style Emporium talking to  a staff member at the cafe, and the bottom coffee is of myself and all the beautiful bloggers who where taking part of the Stonnington ‘Discover Your Own Backyard’ Adventure.
thelyallThe last place we visited was The Lyall Hotel and Spa where we began to relax and enjoyed some champagne with and finger food and reflected on our big day around Stonnington.

In between each place that I’ve mentioned we ventured in and out of boutiques and my favourite pocket would have to be between Greville Street Prahran and St Edmonds. I’m so happy I went on this adventure and it was slightly ironic because I actually live in South Yarra so I was literally discovering my own backyard. I hadn’t been to many of the places we visited and it definitely shows that sometimes one needs to look no farther than there own backyard. I will definitely try my best to pay more attention to what I come across in my day to day adventures around my neighbourhood as I’m sure this is only the beginning of what else is out there.



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