home clothes?

So the photo is my reaction to my silly boyfriends idea that he can put chicken on a fry pan on high and continue to go to his computer and play his game. I was like omg lol, you can’t do that, you need to stay there and cook it otherwise it’ll burn. Silly boys 😛 .


Home Clothes? Maybe also known as lounging clothes. Do you know what I’m talking about? I just bought some nice and new ones.

Home clothes to me are those clothes that you can’t wait to put on as soon as you get home because you know you’ll be nice and comfy and cozy. My usual outfit is made up of leggings/pyjama bottoms and a jumper/long sleeve top. By the way, I would never be seen outside of the house in these clothes, especially not the leggings, unless I was going to the gym. They’re just a bit too casual for my style.

I wonder how many other people have home clothes?

Photo on 2013-05-13 at 19.38 #4 copy10629_53705_20454These are the leggings I got from Country Road. These will be my second pair. I went back to CR because the first ones were really good quality and fit well. They cost $39.95.
24811_131768_62055I also go this. They call it a Jersey Cable Sweat. It is a long sleeve scoop neck sweat top. From Country Road as well. I feel like I could actually wear this out, maybe over a dress or with a skirt.  I feel jeans would make it look too casual. And lazy.  Lazy is only good for being at home! $69.95.

PS. I’m wearing both of these in the image above, it’s kinda hard to see that’s why I inserted the two Country Road store images too 🙂


2 thoughts

  1. That’s such a coincidence, I just bought my new winter lounge clothes outfits, leggins and long sleeve jerseys which I would never be seen out in. I’ve added a pair of ugg style slippers just for winter!

    1. ha! I love it. I’m so surprised at how many of my friends have lounge clothes too, we’d never spoken about it before. I was thinking of getting a pair of ugg slippers, the nicest ones I’ve seen are at Peter Alexander but are around $90!

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