ricotta and spinach stuffed pasta shells

Oh hey there.

Here’s what I cooked for dinner last night. They were delicious. I’d never made them before, however I had made cannelloni and they are quite similar.

This page I’ve scanned in for you is from my journal which I have titled “Juliet’s  Cooking Adventures. I started this journal earlier this year but haven’t really had the chance to try new recipes because I was so busy with uni. And now I am on holidays so hopefully I can cook more.

The reason I have made this journal is so I can track my cooking progress, remember what I’ve made and what I thought about what I’ve made. 

I really love food but I’m not that great at coming up with my own recipes, so I kind of hope that by keeping a cooking journal and trying to regularly add to it my cooking skills can improve!


ricotta & spinach stuffed pasta shells



-It didn’t mention anywhere in the recipe that you should season it with salt and pepper, i highly recommend some salt at least, probably in step 4.


Bon appétit! 


ps. the image of the pasta is my own!


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