saturday tradition

As I was thinking about my words for this post I came to a realisation… maybe the three extra kilos I’ve stacked on are a result of my Saturday tradition? I think I will just ignore this idea and maybe just do an extra half an hour exercise each week. Yes I think this is what I will do.

My Saturday tradition involves me walking down to Movida Bakery either on my own or with one of my friends, ordering a skinny latte and an amazing donut, I usually go for berry flavoured filling, or salted caramel. This Saturdays however I specifically went to sample something new; Movida Bakery’s “Dossant”.

Before I explain it to you here are some other names that were considered for this new pastry:

Cronut, Croisnut, Crodough, Doghnets, MoDo and DoVida.

It is a donut-croissant! The idea came from someone in New York called Dominique Ansel and MoVida have adapted it to their own. Mine pictured below is filled with, i think, raspberry and rhubarb custard. Delicious. And this is another reason why Saturday tradition must go on.





3 Tivoli Road

South Yarra

MoVida Bakery on Urbanspoon


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