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The RMIT Design Hub is currently presenting an amazing exhibit of well known Belgian designer Walter Van Beirendonck. It is the first international presentation to be shown in this space so it is kind of a big deal.


The exhibit dates are: 17.07.2013 – 05.10.2013


I didn’t have to pay when I went there so I am assuming it is free entry. I think this is the second time this work has been exhibited so we are lucky to be able to see it.


CLICK here to find out more about WALTER VB

CLICK here to check out the RMIT HUB PAGE


Here are some of my snaps from my visit. I decided not to put too many up because I think you should go and have a look.


0928 0929 0947 0955 0962 0968 0969 0975 0976

What did I think about the exhibit?

I have thought a lot about it. I still think I need to do more research. I have spoken to many of my friends about it too and one really helped me understand what was going on.

I had known about WVB for maybe about a year before this exhibit came out and I was a fan. I have been to some other exhibitions in the past, one (Alexander McQueen at the MET about two years ago) which just blew my mind and is what actually inspired me to study fashion design. See, when i was at the McQueen exhibit I had to pinch myself to make sure that I was actually seeing what I was seeing, to make sure that it was real because it was just incredible. The pieces were just so well crafted. While I was talking to my friends I was thinking to myself, which labels do I like and why. I instantly thought of Chanel and McQueen. Why? They are exactly who I am, I love romance, style, detail, well crafted pieces. When I said this to my boyfriend, he reminded me that McQueen did couture and WVB is ready to wear, so it isn’t the same thing. So yep that made me think. My friend J said this:

” a possible way to describe the difference you experienced between WVB and McQueen. Perhaps WVB could be described as an artist who’s medium became clothes whereas McQueen was a couturier who’s clothing became art.”

I think this is it.

Let me know how you feel about the exhibit? Let me know if you see it.


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