how to know how to do everything


To be honest I am always one of the last people to find out about things. About new things, new ways, cool things, new technology. It is not because I don’t care, or don’t look for it, I just have so many other things that I am doing that I find it impossible to keep up all the time.

The one thing that keeps amazing me is the internet. HA! I know what you’re thinking. But how cool is it, that, right at our fingertips we have access to anything, and I stress anything, that we want. It is bloody impressive.

I am a total sponge, and want to know everything so this is just perfect for me.

Last night I found the best video on youtube on how to prepare leeks. Don’t laugh, I lived at home for a long time, and didn’t really have to cook, and have never prepared leeks. Last night I made Chicken Pot Pie. It was delicious. And Youtube was there for me to show me exactly what to do!!


The internet is awesome!


4 thoughts

  1. I do the same thing. Better still, sometimes I can get my husband to help out in the kitchen by watching a new technique online. Like the time I bought a pineapple but didn’t know how to prepare it. He went online, had a look and then sliced up up like a pro.

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