The days I love the most are the days when I can actually tick things off of lists that I have of things to do or adding things to a list of things I have done.

I don’t know if you guys are like me too, or whether it’s just me that loves doing new things, different things all the time. But I just really love it. I love knowing about things. I love knowing where things are, what they are, what they feel like, look like, smell like, taste like etc etc etc.

New experiences make me happy.

My new experience today was Harajuku Crepes. I have passed this place so, so, so many times in the last six years that I have lived in Melbourne and cannot believe tonight was the first time having them. Was it good? Ummm… how can crepes with nuttella and custard and strawberries not be good? Yes it was good.

My flavour was the Strawberry Delight. There were so many to choose from so I just picked the first one I read. It was $6.90. A tiny bit pricy for what you get, maybe, but it is ok because it is just a sometimes food. I will have it again. Some of the other choices were very appetising.

Harajuku Crepes

Melbourne CBD

Shop I 48 Knox Place

Melbourne Central

Harajuku Crepes on Urbanspoon


One thought

  1. Hey Juliet, love your posts and all your photos, so much better than other blogs I have looked at, can’t wait to see/read what you post next šŸ™‚

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