things that fascinate me


My friend Badra showed me his new sketchbook today. It was titled things that fascinate me. inside he had a couple of illustrations and notes on some things that fascinate him.

He suggested I could do the same and that led me to think about what actually fascinates me and that reminded me of a thought a had about a week ago.

I live in an apartment that’s three levels high and I live on the first level. I find it completely fascinating and crazy that I live on and share the same amount of space with my boyfriend as possibly another two couples. isn’t it so weird that all that divides us is a slab of concrete. and doesn’t it seem so odd that we are all living our lives together but separately. I don’t even know who these people are but we pretty much occupy the same space. its like a whole other life is happening right above my head. weird. the more I think about it the crazier it seems to me.

I told my boyfriend this and he told me I think too much. haha. he’s right, but Badra thinks I should start documenting these ideas and also try and imagine what my neighbours lives are like…

have any of you thought about these things before? do any of you live in apartments?



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