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I’m going to say these are my photos for today. I didn’t take them, but they are still photos, and i think it’s ok to break my own rules. I’ve learnt though, that I don’t really like following rules. I just like to do whatever I feel like. There is however one rule I have kept, but it has been easier because of something. I work for Marcs and every season one of the benefits of working there is staff allowance. So even though I haven’t actually paid for any new clothes myself, I still have some new clothes to wear and i haven’t broken my rule of not buying any new clothes. And thank goodness for that.

Why? Umm.. do you know how difficult it is to get dressed daily when you don’t have anything new to wear. All my life I have purchased new clothing whenever I had money too, or whenever I found something I loved. Now for like a month and a half (that’s a long time to go without buying a single thing, for me anyway) I have been wearing the same bunch of clothes. ( I still have most of my stuff that I wear only sometimes at my parents house, so I don’t have an excess of clothing to choose from.) This morning I was wandering around my room with no pants for at least ten minutes because I didn’t want to wear any of the pants/skirts I have because I am so sick of wearing everything.

I mean it has been good not buying things because I’ve achieved my goal of saving some money, I’ve become less materialistic and have found other ways to be happy (I realised i used to use shopping to make me happy when i wasn’t having a good day) and it is so excellent being so in control and less impulsive, however, i do love clothes. I do love fun clothes, i do love having a wardrobe full of fun new things to wear. That’s why this morning while i was whinging about not feeling in the mood for any of the bottoms in my wardrobe, i had the instant realisation that today was work allowance day, it made me feel relieved and happy that i would have some new things to wear. Yay.

I’d love to hear how you guys feel about clothes, and whether you’d be able to go without buying new stuff for a while. My goal is to keep not buying things until the end of the year. I believe that i can do it, because there isn’t really that long to go. lol.

Oh and the photos above are what I chose for allowance.



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