hi sister

My sister told me off earlier tonight for not blogging. Oops. I want to blog but I don’t make time for it. Or I’ll leave it until late and then I fall asleep.

Sometimes I also don’t know what I should blog about, or if it is even interesting enough to blog about. Blah! Haha.

I always have different ideas and I hardly ever stick to one thing for too long. But there are always constants. Like books, cafes, fashion, coffee, film, illustration, and some other things. I guess I’ll just keep telling you how I feel about things and also as my blog title has always suggested; ‘Beautiful Obsessions’, i’ll try to share my beautiful obsessions.

My current obsession?

Most of the people that see me in my daily life can tell you that I always bring up Jay Z in conversation. I can’t help it, I’ve always got Jay Z on my brain. I’m obsessed. (I have even started referring to Melbourne as M-Town. I’m hoping it will catch on.) I think he is excellent. I’d love to hang out with him one day, just following him around and see what his world is like.

I finally watched his Grammy’s performance with Beyonce.

Here’s the first link I clicked on:

So super super hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smokin’ sizzlin’ steamin’ HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!

I read a few articles, comments, rubbish about what some people thought of it and it made me seriously LOL. I know people can have their own opinions about it and I can respect that. But I’m not going to agree with them.

I think they are perfect. I love that they are able to do what they have done there at the Grammy’s together. They are both so very individually talented and successful, and together they are just beautiful perfection.  My favourite part is at 4:29. So, so, so hot! I have watched it about five times already. Lol.

There is a lyric on Jay Z’s new album and it goes “Boy meets girl, girl perfect woman.” Love that, and I love how in love they are, even after being together for so long. I wish that love upon everyone, and me. Haha.




Here’s one of the articles I thought was rubbish:


Here’s a beautiful shot of the two of them mid-performance, look at how happy they are:

Here = so much love. PS. love Beyonce’s new do, so playful and cute.


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