addictive things

Youtube. It is addictive. I am sure you know this. But there is basically no limit. Try searching something, maybe say ‘Jay Z’. Or something else. Play one video. Excellent. On the side it will show you other video’s with Jay Z, play one of those too. Hey look, What does Eminem have to say for himself. Cool. Back to Jay…

That is basically how I have passed the last four hours. HAHA.

I have found Howard Stern Interviews to be excellent. Very informative and interesting. You will notice he covers a lot of topics with his guests and get side tracked a lot in good ways.

Watch this one


And then watch this one:


Good right?




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      1. I had to go back to Mexico for family reasons but I’ll be back in a couple of days, not sure if I’m working again in myer but I would like to keep in touch with you if that’s ok

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