1. The world is in my head. My body is in the world.
2. The world is my idea. I am the world. The world is your idea. You are the world. My world and your world are not the same …

(A quote by some philosopher or psychologist, I tried to find out for you but my google and I aren’t really friends right now. It’s a cool quote right? Makes you think?)



My Merleau-Ponty book arrived in the mail today. It is a philosophy book I ordered online a while ago. My copy of Vogue arrived in the mail yesterday (my sister bought me a subscription for my birthday, so excellent). I bought the latest Harpers Bazaar today because I read it at the hairdresser yesterday and it had some really good bits on models and Karl Lagerfeld. Also a shoot Karl photographed and Carine styled. And also a bit about Dolce and Gabbana, the designers and their daily routines. It also had a snapshot and bio of all the current models and so that’s why I bought the magazine so I could have these articles to keep forever. Then I also bought a copy of he latest Time magazine, because I think it’s important to keep up to date with what’s going on in the world.

Also just so you know, I have this tendency to call these famous people that I admire by their first names. I don’t say Karl Lagerfeld, or Carine Roitfeld, or Anna Wintour, or Jay Z. I say, Karl, Carine, Anna, Jay. All my friends know who I’m talking about most of the time without me having to say their full names. It’s really funny when I’ll say to someone, “oh, yeh, I’ve also seen Anna wear the same necklaces over and over again. It’s worthwhile investing in good jewellery.” And then my friends are like “Anna? Who is Anna.” And then I’ll have to say “Anna Wintour, duh!”. Haha, and then my friends will be like, “Of course Anna Wintour.” Haha,  am I the only person who does this? Is it normal? What is normal anyway?

So, basically, I have all these things to read. And also my current book; some short stories by Alice Munro. I WANT TO READ THEM ALL AT THE SAME TIME, BUT I CAN’T. So for now I flipped through the magazines and looked at the pictures. Vogue is actually excellent because the inspiration is art and they have a feature on Kathryn Del Barton. I LOVE KATHRYN DEL BARTON.  She has actually helped to create the covers, and possibly some of the other features in the magazine. And I read the intro to the Merleau-Ponty book, but I had to stop because I want to read the Munro book. But I don’t have time to read TIME. lol.





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