Fiorina Golotta

Fiorina Golotta

Jewellery Designer, Fiorina Jewellery


On Thursday night a few of us lucky people were invited along to share the 20th Anniversary Celebration of Fiorina Jewellery.

We were entertained by Fiorina herself, her family and lovely staff. It was such a glamourous and graceful occasion, everything and everyone around me was sparkling and the event had been organically and thoughtfully hand-crafted in the exact way Fiorina hand-crafts every single piece of jewellery in her store.

Fiorina spoke about her “deep, passionate love affair with making jewellery”, and about how from a young age she was inspired by and so connected to all of her inspirations, and all the copper coins, glass beads and many other materials that she uses to make her jewellery. Fiorina was very grateful to all the people that have supported her along the way and particularly grateful for her many loyal clients that she has had over the years.






Fiorina Jewellery Website

Fiorina Jewellery FaceBook

Fiorina Golotta on Smart Company



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