Nose Casting – Aesop

“Do not hover always on the surface of things; but penetrate into the depth of matters.”

– Isaac Watts


Aesop will be occupying the Myer Windows in Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall for about three weeks in April and presenting a seven-part installation to the fortunate passers by.

The windows were revealed last night as part of Aesop’s Nasotheque campaign and I was lucky to be a part of it. Not only for the excitement of something new and also yummy sparkling wine and a thoughtful goodie bag, but because places were available to be one of about 1500 people to have my nose cast.

Yes, nose cast. In my photographs below you can see Aesop have set up a Nose Lab where you can make an appointment and have your nose hand-casted and then have the cast displayed along with other casts in the Installation Lab at the Aesop Nasotheque.

If you can’t get an appointment or don’t want to, you should still go and have a look and experience the performance and information in the windows.

Through this installation Aesop is exploring the human olfactory sense in a clever way through performance art.




“It’s a golden maxim to cultivate the garden for the nose.”

– Robert Louis Stevenson


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