Black Boots and an Imposter

I feel like black boots are a must, must, must have. I love wearing them throughout the whole year.

Melbourne has funny weather, Winter isn’t always Wintry and Summer isn’t always Summery. So this means you can pretty much wear what ever you like whenever you like. You just find ways of making it work, so basically in Winter you will wear your black ankle boots with pants, or with opaque high denier tights. And in Summer you just take away the tights and add a fun pair of socks and bare legs. Easy.

My friends and I tend to fall in love with our boots, so we make them last as long as we can by getting them re-soled as many times as we can until eventually you just can’t wear them anymore. So here I am, looking for a new pair.

I spent some time looking at the usual suspects online and came up with the selection below. My favourite are the first pair, the Acne Studio’s boots. They’re also the most expensive. I will have to go and try them on and see which ones look better on my feet.






1. Acne Clover – Black. 516Euro

2 Gorman, Buckle Boot. $329

3. Jeffrey Campbell, Chelsea. $195

4. Paolo Sartori. $295

5. Cari, Black Suede. $169.95

6. Supra. $136.12

7. Devon. $169.95

8. Florence. $179.95

9. Regency. $179.95




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