This post extends on from my boots post and was also inspired by this post on sandals on Garance Dore’s blog.

I went on a hunt online to find some cool socks you could wear with boots or sandals. I think socks are a simple and fun way to accessorise your outfit. You can keep it cool and simple, or you could just add a pop of colour to you usual black Melbourne outfit.

On the post I linked above, Brie from Garance Dore Studio mentions how she doesn’t love her feet, and I completely feel the same way. She suggests wearing socks with sandals, which is something that has become very accepted only in recent times. I used to be one of those people who followed old school rules eg. no socks/tights with open toed shoes, always match your bag to your shoes etc.etc. But I don’t like rules, and I think if you can make it look good and you feel great and confident then just go for it.

Here are all the cool socks I found. The Saint Laurent are my top picks, however I don’t think I will be purchasing them any time soon. They actually cost more than the Acne boots I want!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

1. Saint Laurent $680.95. 2. Paul Smith $30. Gorman $8.00. 4. Hansel from Basel $17. 5. Saint Laurent $513.10. 6. Paul Smith $33.06. 7. Asos $7.78.

I actually saw both Paul Smith socks at the Paul Smith store in their Melbourne, Collins Store. And I only just came across Hansel from Basel while searching tonight and I actually love all their socks. They also stock them at Incu.





Hansel from Basel

– Paul Smith


Garance Dore



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