The best idea I ever had was to make a burger list.

It is so much fun. They are the best thing that you  could order. Almost every place you go offers at least one menu item as a burger. And I don’t think you could ever go wrong with ordering a burger, even a bad burger is still ok.

They are so incredibly delicious. Before making this list I knew people loved burgers but I had no idea they loved burgers this much. I have had all my friends contacting me and asking when we are going out to try a place on my list. Fun. And you would be impressed by the quantity and quality of burger conversations I have had and also other additions to my list.

I was trying to figure out how you would judge how good a burger is. I noticed the people at Burger Adventure use; ‘If you’re in the area’, ‘Don’t expect much’, ‘Don’t bother’, ‘Definitely’, ‘Go Now!’. And that’s quite a clever scale, I think over time I will try and develop my own.

I asked my friend Alex he is my official burger quest partner, and he said that a burger is either good or bad. You like it or you don’t. I also realised people have different tastes and expectations, some like sweet buns some don’t, some like saucy burgers some don’t. My other friend Matt thinks it’s all about the bun to meat ratio, and I think he is spot on. Anyway, the only way to find out how good they are is to go and eat them. Eat them all. Eat burgers every day. Forever.


The photo’s below are from Huxtaburger, 203 High Street Prahran.

I went with Alex, it was my second time I’d had Huxtaburger Burger I’d already been to the CBD store and this time I had the Huxtaburger ( beef pattie, mustard, mayo, tomato sauce, tomato, cheese, lettuce, pickles) $9.00.

Alex and I both enjoyed it. This was one of the sweet buns I mentioned, it is actually a sweet glazed brioche bun which is toasted before they put the burger together, which makes it crunchy and tasty.


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Burger List

Huxtaburger on Urbanspoon


2 thoughts

  1. Huxtaburger is my favourite, I love the buns. I always have the Denise “the hot one”. We used to watch The Huxtables all the time when I was younger, and Denise was the hot one!

    1. I love them too. I did know that the owner has another place called “Huxtable” but didn’t realise the name came from the show. I think I need to consider making at least one meal a day a burger just so I can get to them all quicker, Lol.

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